Petroglyphs – the Art Elements theme reveal!


This month Karen challenged us with… petroglyphs! Ancient, a bit enigmatic, but very inspirational.

The first one I created was a bit of a happy accident.  I was creating class samples – for class at Let’s Bead in Rochester, NY. My “Vintage Views” class was using vintage postage stamps as locals, and creating polymer surrounds that were inspired by and accentuated the stamp art. What did I find in my collection? A Norwegian stamp with petroglyphs!

I opted to keep this earthy in tone, so the red stamp would pop. And it was keeping in the theme…


A simple stone/earth palette and a little texture frames this stamp. 

I am drawn to the figures most in petroglyphs. Whether they be shaman, or deities, or humans in regalia… I love them. Some horned figures bring to mind Celtic deities, like Cernunnos, the antlered Lord of the Forest. So I can relate to them in an archetypal way – from my research and heritage from Celtic lands.

I realized I had a pewter magnet – purchased in Arizona. When? Perhaps when my sister and I drove across the country and visited the Grand Canyon? Was that 2000? No matter… I conditioned some polymer…


There are these 2 cabs, one in an earthy ochre color and the other? I do love greens. (These 2 are available. I may just “list” them on my FB page. Message me if you are interested. )


This layered piece may end up stitched into a felted mixed media piece. I like the torn edge very much, and have a half formed idea of beads piercing the edges in random spaces… We shall see.


But I decided to take the smallest one and really experiment. I have done 1 freeform peyote piece in my life. ( it was for a COM with a SueBeads scarab, actually). I wanted to try having the freeform grow out of the beaded bezel… In my sketch below. see the shape? Sort of a triangle.


I really have no idea what I am doing – and it is SO much fun! Here is as far as I have gotten… this could take a while. Queue up the Netflix – and lets bead!


No one is more surprised than me… 


Please join my fellow AE team members and our guests for the blog hop and creative sharing!

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16 thoughts on “Petroglyphs – the Art Elements theme reveal!

  1. marshanealstudio says:

    There is something so awesome about that figure stamped into the clay – Maybe just that open mouth makes me smile thinking we just happened to surprise them. And yay for stamp collections – how cool is that! Your work is always wonderful Jenny! I really enjoy your design sense and how you tie in so much information into layers and layers…


  2. Hope Smitherman says:

    How awesome that you had that stamp to work into that design. I really dif the framing of it. You have such a way with clay! While it’s my favorite of the designs you made for this challenge, the others are cool too – almost spooky! And your freeform peyote is turning out fantastically!!


  3. cathysmendola says:

    Okay, you had me with the first pendant using the stamp! But then those polymer pieces where you used the magnet. OH MY, the one with the torn edges-I LOVE it!!
    I can’t wait to see how you continue with the freeform peyote piece. You are off to a great start with it. The choice of beads and colors gives it a wonderfully earthy feel.


  4. Saraccino byCF says:

    You had me too with your first pendant with the red stamp! And I love how you use polymer cay to create wonderful pieces (and use everything you can find)! The freeform stitch already looks beautiful (I love the organic look and colours you chose!), please show how it evolves! 🙂


  5. alysen55 says:

    The stamp is interesting with its petroglyph image and I love, love, love the bezel surrounding it! Also love freeform, you just go with the flow and see what happens. I’ve done it with crochet and loved what developed. Looking forward to seeing your finished masterpiece!


  6. lesleyhw says:

    I love all these pieces – especially the torn one – that’s so natural and very cool…and as for the freeform beading in those gorgeous earthy greens – just yum!


  7. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Sorry I’m hopping so very late! I would so love to take your “Vintage Views” class. That piece is just lovely. Your pieces made from your magnet are super interesting. Have you finished that piece yet??


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