We are all stardust… the Art Elements theme reveal

Hello – its that time again!

This month Laney gave us STARS. This is a motif near and dear to my heart… should be easy, right? Well I apologize as I have only a WIP post for you today. With my part time job ( at Sarafina Fiber Arts!) and shows, and a two week plague  ( upper respiratory) I only have a WIP to show you. SO let me get started:

Awaiting paint

I started here with a votive star goddess on polymer. I imagined her, framed in a shadowbox, before a speckled starlit sky…

At Sarafina – I carded a custom blend. Starting with a variegated blue, I boosted the teal and purples. I was seeing the background as a wet felted piece.

My custom carded night time batt

From my stash at home – I added merino wool in teals, white nepps, dyed silk, and twilight sparkly Angelina fibers…

The assembled ingredients.

After wet felting – it didnt go as I had planned. I did not get complete adhesion between the fibers, and it is too large. ( I used wool batting as a core of sorts, and the piece shrunk much less) I can work on this agin to try to bond the layers.. .but for now – I will set it aside.

Purples and teals…

details of silk and nepps

I did two smallish pieces at a time. This one in a more teal palette makes me happy! But it sill needs a little work. And with the business of the fibers – I think less beads would have been called for…

teals and blues

The spiderwebs of silk…

The new plan is this: Beading on a piece of felt  – created from felting a cast off sweater. It had a nice heathery color and I can bead a galaxy of sorts swirling out from the star goddess. I am seeing her embedded in epoxy clay, amidst crystal shards in the bottom of the frame.

I am so sorry I couldn’t do more for tis theme! But I will finish – and for now, why not hop over to my team mates and our guests?

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

Guest Artists
Art Elements Team

16 thoughts on “We are all stardust… the Art Elements theme reveal

  1. Rosantia Petkova says:

    I think that goddess piece will turn out splendid! And I’m sure your creativity will make the best use of the woolly starry backgrounds 🙂


  2. Tammy Adams says:

    I see you and I were on the same wavelength for this theme. Collective consciousness is such fun. I love the swirls of stars on your goddess figure and your idea for the shadow box sounds spectacular. I look forward to seeing the finished piece.


  3. cathysmendola says:

    I do love the colors of the wool & silk you first started with, but I think the heathery blue of the cast off sweater will be a perfect background for lots of beading. I absolutely adore the goddess!!! I can’t wait to see this project unfold.


  4. Kathy Lindemer says:

    I love the goddess inspired by stars. I am sure that with your talent you will create a spectacular goddess piece. I look forward to seeing it.


  5. Laney says:

    I love those colours in those fibres, they make me want to drag out my small collection of felted materials and have another play. Hope you are feeling better now and I will look out for that goddess when she is done 😉


  6. alysen55 says:

    Your goddess is great (lol) and I love the stars flowing across her body. Oh those colors of the fibers, etc … I would definitely use them in another piece, just lovely. I’m sure (as the overwhelming opinion) you’ll do awesome things with your shadowbox design. Can’t wait to see it. Hope you’re pretty much recovered from the respiratory bout. Once, it took me a good three weeks AFTER antibiotics to breathe normally!!


  7. niky sayers says:

    Your goddess is beautiful Jenny and I’m sure she will be stunning when she is finished, I really hope you are feeling better soon xxx


  8. Sarajo Wentling says:

    So many yummy fiber pictures!! I’m sure that you will eventually finish some wonderful, starry pieces with all those fine starting places. 🙂


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