“Dream the myth onward and give it modern dress.”~ Joseph Campbell

Clay is organic matter from the earth. When worked with water, exposed to air, tempered with fire, the resulting piece is a synthesis of the four elements. Clay is my preferred medium due to its complete versatility. Malleable and responsive, it yields itself to be worked into fluid sculptural forms or coaxed to hold firm in rigid architectural structures. Myriad finishes are also possible, from glazes to patinas, which I select as they serve to further develop the character and soul of the piece.



Selkie's Shrine

A shrine – defined as “a place or object hallowed by its associations.” These enclosures vary architecturally, from the geometric to the sculptural, yet all house relics. I choose objects for their “associations” whether spiritual, mythic, or aesthetic.



Triple hares

My one of a kind ceramic tiles evolved from scraps of clay into mini artworks of their own. Tile images vary; I draw on my personal vocabulary of icons and symbols. Styles change frequently, as do glaze palettes. They are a pleasure to sculpt and carve!