Faeries – the Art Elements theme reveal

This month flew by on gossamer faerie wings. Or a mermaid retrieved it from a shipwreck to hide in her undersea lair. Or a green fae woodland spirit absconded with it- hiding it in a hollow tree in a mystical wood. Whatever the cause – its reveal day! And this theme is one I work with frequently. Caroline introduced it – and I shared some fae inspiration earlier this month on the blog. I have a few different things in progress – let me share them with you…

A few months ago – I pulled four fairy cabochons. My fairy design is very butterfly inspired – as I think butterflies could easily be faeries in disguise. There is also a nod to The Preservers of Elfquest – a graphic novel/comic series that had been a huge part of my fae aesthetic since I was 12! (That’s a whole other post!)

I haven’t gotten any further than pulling beads… these four are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I plan to start the bezels all the while designing the surrounding bead embroidery to reference the elements.

With my schedule a little hectic ( who am I kidding? its crazy!) with fall shows – I have been glazing a few variations on my Faerie tile. One of the things that keeps this from boring production work is individually glazing each tile differently. My glazing style involves quite a bit of detailed hand painting in underglazes. This trio below shows you some of my fairy themes: Earthy with a seedling, celestial with the Earth/moon backdrop, and an ethereal Celtic version.

I did have a chance to play a bit this month: I received a printed moth paint/embroidery kit from Lesley for my birthday. I want to paint some, bead others… but one large one had to be a faerie! (The directions recommended a thin coat of white craft glue before cutting to prevent the fabric from fraying… )


Painted in thinned acrylic, ready to cut out.


She will flutter over my reading chair…

I think she is a perfect fit with this stoneware goddess pendant. I think I will hang her in the studio…


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15 thoughts on “Faeries – the Art Elements theme reveal

  1. Saraccino byCF says:

    I will also jump in: I want to see more of your studio too! Please! I love your tiles and how you used the butterfly with the goddess!


  2. jewelsofsayuri says:

    I love your post’s intro. I made me heartily chuckle as that is exactly how my month went by. Looking forward to seeing your finished pieces


  3. blueberribeads says:

    I think you need to do a studio post! 🙂 I love all of your creations, and that you think butterflies might be fairies too! The tiles are incredible, I’m in awe of your glazing and the Goddess fairy is stunning. The wings are really effective. She looks fabulous hanging in your studio!

    Thank you for joining me in the challenge!


  4. marshanealstudio says:

    I love your elemental themes – those palettes are going to be amazing all beaded around your cabs! I love seeing in to your studio – so inspirational 🙂


  5. cathysmendola says:

    EEEK…..I LOVE the stoneware goddess with her lovely butterfly wings!!! You had me with the Earth, Air, Fire, Water pieces ready to bead and the glazed tiles-just gorgeous. BUT the goddess, left me breathless. Love, love, love!!


  6. Hope Smitherman says:

    I knew you’d have something special to share. Your elemental fairies are going to be so great. Those color palettes really illustrate their elements. And your transformation of the embroidery kit butterfly into a fairy is awesome! I love how outside-the-box it is. It absolutely shows your creativity and the magic inside you.


  7. kathy Lindemer says:

    Your elemental fairies are going to be stunning when they are completed. What a wonderful idea! I love the fairy that you created for your awesome studio. She fits in beautifully.


  8. Alison says:

    I am in love with your tiles! I loved to see how each one is slightly different, but makes an entirely new piece! Beautiful work! Your studio is lovely with all your fairy inspirations!


  9. Tammy Adams says:

    I love the elemental fairies you’ve set up with your components and all the beads needed to bezel them. And I’ve long been a fan of how you paint your ceramics in general. I think the wings you painted are gorgeous and the goddess pendant is a perfect fit.


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