Art Jewelry Elements’ September reveal!

Its the end of September already!?!?

Welcome – its the reveal day for the CoM over at Art Jewelry Elements blog! This month we are working with bronze clay bead caps from our one-and-only Lesley Watt! When I saw them I had a brainstorm. One of those far fetched, push the boundaries ideas that leaps to your brain fully formed. An idea that challenges you to go beyond your current level of experience. Lesley very graciously send me 2 – as the grand plan/challenge/hare brained scheme… required 2. 

Lesley CoM

I am not done. (ArtBLISS happened. More on that tomorrow!) 

Sketch CoM1

The original plan, a sculptural piece – build a polymer pod with a flanged lid, using the bead caps as ends. They are organic, and so perfect… I have never build hollow forms in polymer before… 

Sketch CoM2

The revised sketch – only using one cap and drawing more inspiration from the shape of a poppy pod. I decided I would like the piece to be wearable, and researched Japanese inro boxes. The tops slide up the cord from which the piece is worn, allowing access to the interior. 

polymer inro 

the pod

The pod form in cured polymer. The color Lesley sent me is a gorgeous muted eggplant, inspiring a palette of olive greens, yellow ochre and the eggplant color. At ArtBliss I was in a polymer class with the inspiring Christine Damm and I spent time with the charismatic Erin Prais-Hintz, both polymer influences of mine. So I feel primed to get back to this ASAP!

the top

The lid… 

Wip Sept CoM

Here is a picture for scale.  I have to address the lid, I think I will drill into the sides horizontally and insert wire/wrapped loops. Paint, patina, Gilder’s paste…. Fall is in the air, crisp cool air comes inthe open windows, leaves are starting to turn.  A perfect time to work on a fall themed organic pod form! 

Lesley – I am so sorry I did not have it finished! I hope I will make you proud regardless! Thank you for a gorgeous piece – I look forward to adding color – and I  will post pictures ASAP! In the meantime – please check out the work my friends and colleagues created!

Here are the links to the other artists participating this month: 

AJE team

Lesley Watt   



16 thoughts on “Art Jewelry Elements’ September reveal!

  1. Lesley Watt says:

    Oh my goodness…proud – I’m positively bursting already!!! If something I made generated that idea in your head Jenny how could I be anything else…it’s so original and beautiful and I can’t wait to see it in all it’s glory. Thank you for taking on rising to this challenge big time.


  2. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    The way your mind works just floors me, Miss Jenny! I love the idea of the box/pod that you are creating and I know that not only will it be fabulous, but it will be full of color and life as well! You do me a great honor to say that I am an influence to your polymer, me with my little canvases of clay. (And ‘charismatic’ is not a word that I have heard next to my name. *blushes*;-) Besides meeting my idol and mentor, Miss Christine, I was beside myself with glee to meet you! I so wish that we lived closer so that I could come over every day and marvel at your creative process! You are wildly creative and fearless. Something I need to adopt more. I hope that someday you and I can collaborate on a project because I know you will push me out of my comfort zone and into the stratosphere (or into the loony bin when I can’t make it happen!). It was such a treat to meet you and to just soak up your energy. When I get my luggage back with all my tools I hope that my ArtBliss glow will not have worn off so I can keep it going! Enjoy the day! Erin


    • jenny says:

      … we got to meet in person! I agree – wish we lived closer. I dont have a slew of artist friends here, so I value the retreats even more as a chance to hang out with my tribe!Your words made me tear up a bit. I tackle fearfulnes sin many ways – and to be seen as fearless is priceless. Thank you for that shot in the proverbial arm. Anytime you are in DE – shelf elf, glass of wine.. all good!


  3. Christine Altmiller says:

    What comes out of your head and hands truly is unique, earthy, and beautiful. This is shaping up to be a gorgeous statement piece. And it all started with a little cap 🙂


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Christine! I consider “earthy” a big compliment! I love challenges as  – well, challenges! A chance ot not produce work for a show, but to play and experiment. 


  4. Rebekah says:

    Oh my!!! Love it! I’ve been wanting to try making a vessel with polymer for AGES—it’s so exciting to see yours Jenny! Thanks for taking us along on your creative journey as it’s developed so far. I know it’s going to be fabulous!


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