Blissed out. ArtBLISS 2013


 Follow your bliss.

I know this J. Campbell wrote may be used overmuch – but it is a mantra for my chosen life and creative career. And it relates to the past weekend where I spent a blissful time with friends, old and new, creating, learning, experimenting, sharing and socializing. 

ArtBLISS 2013. 

Many heartfelt thanks to Cindy Wimmer and Jeanette Blix for the community they have created. Yes, its an art retreat; classrooms and a small sales venue. But its much more. Lifelong friendships are started, and nurtured. Support and encouragement offered freely. Inspiration and creativity are the daily norms.  


ArtBLISS faces

The only complaint – there arent enough hours in the day. Or night for that matter! So refreshing to meet faces that priviously had been a computer avatar. Equally satisfying – spending time with like minded people… 

AB 13 charm swap

The annual charm swap – gorgeous, diverse charms created and swapped amongst particpating students. Amazing packaging! Great work, a priceless momento. 

AB 13 polymer

Saturday I had the pleasure to work with Christine Damm for a second year. The pastels and crayons dazzled the eyes! Class mates Terri, and AJE teammates Karen and Diana working, each piece stirring new ideas… 

3 ring circus

Friday and Sunday I was taking class with Richard Salley and Jessica Papke. Two rings of their “Three Ring Circus” class series. It was so phenomenal… I am going to go a little more in depth into that experience in another post. Really. 

My Ab 13

My weekend’s treasures. A polymer work in progress – a palette, and a process to work with going forwards. The rings – as I said – the class was so rich, and so fantastic… and it carried extra weigth with me. I am giddy with pride at the results of my labors and so excited moving forwards. And yes – I am wearing them now – a talisman to keep in touch with the energy of the weekend. 

I will save my philosophical musings for another time – I have supplies to order, and artwork to create. Thank you one and all for making the weekend so magical!


7 thoughts on “Blissed out. ArtBLISS 2013

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    I think that everyone should have this singular experience in their life…to convene with the like-minded, to fuel the creative stores, to build bonds, to give real hugs instead of just cyber ones. This has been a great time and I am so very glad that I came! I am stalking my own set of those Caran d’Ache crayons now. Is it too much to ask that I have them in my hands by tomorrow? And why would I ever want to buy just 10-, 30- or 40- when I can get the whole set of 126? (Found them on DickBlick at 15% off for $266 with free shipping. I think I am ordering them when I get home tonight!) Thank you for sharing yourself with me this weekend. I wish that we had been in a class together. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, kindred soul! Spending time with you was my ‘something good’ for sure! Looking forward to the next time that we may meet. Enjoy the day! Erin


    • jenny says:

      What you said so eloquently – I whole heartedly agree! Caran Dache on the Xmas wish list for sure – as right now I am ordering Contenti and Rio. I am grateful we have such a wonderful cyber community to tide us over in between real visits!


  2. Cindy says:

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures (I have yet to edit mine!) and was glad to see how many you took over the weekend. You are so great at capturing the moment. I love your process shots, classmate photos and that beloved cup of coffee. We sure had a good time, didn’t we? Now how did it come and go so fast?


    • jenny says:

      So true – September was a blur for me. A few large shows and then ArtBLISS and then more shows coming up. ArtBLiss is the calm in the fall storm and I wouldnt miss it! (Hope you never alter the date…) Its funny – I wanted to take more pix! I am not great at a flattering iphone selfie, so there is that. The process shots are as much for my own recollections as for sharing. But I know friends and family do like to see creativity happen in real time. 


  3. Carol Dee Myers says:

    I was hard not to regret my choice not to attend ArtBliss this year. . .So much on my plate (like everyone) but loved living the love thru your pictures. Your enamel ring is fabulous (one of the missed classes I’m regretting) and know you had fun with Christine and all her colors! (another regret) Next year! Love you and thanks for sharing!


    • jenny says:

      Carol – you were misssed! I hope Artomatic was a great event for you, but it would be nice to see your smile in person next year!


  4. Patti Vanderbloemen says:

    Wonderful post, Jenny! I took 3 pics, not including project progress pics on my phone! I hate myself for not whipping out my camera and capturing those moments for future refernence! Alas, i do have a good memory…so far…which I hope will carry me through until next year! So good to see you again!


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