Creating with Cabochons

 Welcome! Here it is – reveal day for the “Creating with Cabochons” hop hosted by Sally Russick. 

The challenge was to create using cabochons – no holes! I admit – I use cabochons, and make ceramic cabochons frequently. I wanted to challenge myself to set cabs four ways: 1. tabs 2. a soldered bezel 3. polymer  4. seed beads. 

I know that sounds crazy – and it was! I havent soldered a bezel since my metal smithing days in college. I want desperately to reclaim those skills, and I will – but it did not happen in time for this hop. I have set cabs in polymer before — with a textured clay bezel. My favorite is using tabs. I like the challenge of designing tabs that are decorative and functional. And I love sawing. But let me show you what I DID accomplish… 

porcelain flower

Cab #2 – just beginning. Porcelain cab/my work – irregular shape. 


tab set cabs

My tab set cabs. ( All my work – polymer Ganesh, stoneware butterflies and Green Man foliate head). I was using brass for a change, and left it shiny! Not my usual preference, but I was trying to challenge myself… 

first owl cab

Athena’s owl ( earthenware cab, repro of antique drachma coin) The first attempt. Its a little wonky – a few beads sticking out of line here and there. I learned peyote stitch 10+ years ago when I worked at The Shepherdess in San Diego. Never did bezels until now… I adore the painterly aspect of choosing bead colors to accentuate the ceramic glaze!

peyote backing

Full disclosure! I had an assist from Cooky Schock – she was in town for Beadfest and we had a few days of “Art Camp” before she headed home to SD. (She was my original peyote stitch teacher, BTW!) She gave me valuable insight into finishing the backs on my pieces.

From top right: 1. bezel complete – stitched onto pollon in lieu of Stiff Stuff. 2/3. The back plain and then with pellon stitched down. 4. Ultrasuede stitched down! 5. first owl cab with messy stitched sueded cloth. compared to the final of the three cabs with the clean presentable backing! 


final three

The final three peyote stitched cabochons. I am pleased with how they came out! It was new to me – even though I had tried peyote stitch in the past… and its very exciting to have a chance to use my own work in such a different context. While I dont know if I will ever switch to seed beads completely – I am glad to have them in my repertoire. I often sit and bead while watching tv… I am so glad Sally threw down this challenge! 

Looking forward to seeing all the diverse cabs put to use on this Hop! Here are the participants! Before you go – I would love to hear your thoughts! And thanks for stopping by… 


Your Host:  Sally Russick

D Lynne  Bowland

Alicia Marinache           

Lynn  Jobber           

Jenny Davies-Reazor  ( you are here)         

Jo-Ann  Woolverton           

Marde Lowe           

Dawn Doucette           

Mary K McGraw           

Gloria Allen           

Cheri  Reed           

Sonya Stille           

Elizabeth Owens Dwy           

Veralynne   Malone           

Tania Hagen           

Lynsey  Brooks           

Christina Miles           

Holly  Westfall           

Kathy  Lindemer           

Patti Vanderbloemen           

 Therese Frank           

Adrienne Berry           

Liz   E  

Tanty  Sri Hartanti           

Ginger Bishop

Renetha Stanziano           

Marlene  Cupo           

Sandi Volpe           

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson           

Niky  Sayers

 Mischelle Fanucchi           

Tracy  Stillman           

Skylar Bre’z           

Ann Schroeder           

Paula Kramer

Jess Green           

Susan Kennedy           

Stacie  Florer           

Cathie  Carroll           

Susan F.   

Michelle Caballero       

Sabine Dittrich           

Kristina Johansson           

Kimberly Sturrup-Roberts           

Melissa  Meman           

Cheryl McCloud         

Michelle  Timms           

Cindy  Pack                 

Lynda  Carson

Cynthia  Machata           

Julia  Harris           

Karin  Slaton

Ingrid  Anderson           

Karin Grosset Grange

Jasvanti  Patel  

Inge  von Roos

Molly Alexander


26 thoughts on “Creating with Cabochons

  1. Christina Miles says:

    I love your cabs…I have never added the backing to mine, not that I have made many, but I really like how it completes the pieces. Your stoneware pieces are really fun too. Great job on those tab cabs… 🙂


  2. Ann says:

    I’m so impressed with how you challenged yourself! Beautiful cabs, and such a great variety of techniques. I would love to be able to use metal like that, but I’ve given up the idea of ever working with seed beads. I do enjoy looking at other’s work though!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Ann – I dount I will ever do any more than peyote with seed beads. Peyote is organized, makes sense. I like the structure since needle and thread are outside my comfort zone. 


  3. Sally Russick says:

    You would love sawing! And I envy your tab settings, I have not attempted tabs yet. But that is probably because my dislike of sawing.
    Your beading you did around the cabs are fantastic! I am really getting excited about the polymer class at ArtBLISS!!

    Jenny, thank you so much for participating in the challenge. I think this is my favorite hop thus far!!


    • jenny says:

      Hee Hee Come over – have art camp with me and we can saw all day! I am also getting UBER excited for ArtBliss! See you soon!Thanks for another great hop – and for making me break out my seed beads!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Staci – although I feel still a bit akward needle in hand – the selection of the seed beads is the best part! Its like painting …


  4. Sharyl says:

    What a nice variety of approaches you used in your pieces! I can’t believe you were able to do so much! I also really like the subtle colors you chose to work with…blue-gray, sage green, etc.!


  5. Tracy says:

    Your tab pieces are beautiful and the perfect setting for the gorgeous cabs you have. Good one you too for stepping outside of your comfort zone with the peyote bezels – you did a great job.


  6. Liz says:

    The tab set cabs have a completely different feel from the seed beaded ones. I love chainmaille so eventually will have to try something with metal. Maybe even setting a cab (some day!). I enjoyed your adventure with the seed beads, as that is where my heart lies. I’ve not picked up many ceramic cabs but I think I am starting to like the earthy nature of them. I enjoyed your post 🙂


  7. Therese says:

    Your cabs are beautiful and I love all of the setings you chose to do. I have not worked with metal yet, but I am a bead weaver and I will tell you it does get easier the more you do.


  8. Veralynne Malone says:

    that your previous teacher was there to give you pointers. I haven’t use the stiff stuff yet. I just use plain felt then this time I used some faux shiny leather as the back. I love all your hints. Great Job! Thanks for sharing.


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