Spirit of the season…

My hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedy in Connecticut. And at this time of year, let us remember the season is one of love, family, and friendship. Hold your loved ones close, and remember to breathe…


It seems like ages ago that Sally of The Studio Sublime sent out a call for participants – the 2nd Annual Ornament Swap. I worked on mine and sent it away before Thanksgiving – that also seems like so much time has passed… ( My original partner was unable to participate – so I will be sharing what I made. Sally adopted me as her second partner, and I will be sending her something along these lines in the very near future. Sorry for any confusion. )

And so it begins

My idea started with a tiny vial of snow, of ice, of crystalized winter. I prefer to do seasonal motifs, as everyone’s beliefs are personal and varied… I set up the polymer oven – as I have been doing more and more of late. Polymer is versatile and immediate. Earthenware and stoneware have such a long process time: dry, fire, glaze, fire… For something like this polymer suits the bill nicely. 

Comes together

The swap brief said to include an artist bead. Although I am creating the entire piece, I wanted to be true to the challenge, and created these snowflake charms. You will see them again…The bird and tree are stamped and hand painted onto ivory polymer. Here it is all together:

Winter wonder

Ornament reverse

And my partner/friend? So sweet! Sent me this …I may have to keep this up in the studio all winter!

Oh Christmas Tree!

Ooh! I love the flame patina on the copper, the SueBead with silver, the accents of olive and aqua! Its so lovely…

Light and shadow

So – those extra snowflake charms… They ended up here: 

Snowflake earrings

Two pairs were already sent on their way to lucky winners of another challenge. I think I will save one pair for my MiL… So that leaves YOU dear reader. If you want to be entered into the give away – mention that in your commment! ( And it would be so easy if you were willing to leave your email as well…)  I will pick a winner Monday afternoon! 

So – thank you all for celebrating and hopping with me. Here are my friends and fellow swap partners. Happy Holidays!

Sally Russick 

Lesley Watt

 Jenny Davies-Reazor 


Therese Frank 

Andrew Thorton


Jeanette Blix Ryan

Maryanne Gross


Rebecca Anderson

Melissa Meman


Veralynne Malone 

Miranda Ackerley


 Jen Cameron

Sandi Volpe


Susan Kennedy

Kristen Stevens


Shirley Moore 

 Cooky Schock


D. Lynne Bowland 

Tiffany Smith


Patti Vanderbloemen 

Pam Ferrari



Alice Peterson 

Bette Brody


Julie Anne Leggett 

Lola Surwillo


Kathleen Lange Klik 

Erin Prais Hintz


Mowse Doyle

Kristi Jaro







37 thoughts on “Spirit of the season…

  1. Patti Vanderbloemen says:

    Wow! I really do love your process photos – the fact that you actually have an idea in your head – it makes it to the paper – and the final design is incredibly beautiful! You have really created a treasure here! I want to pick a favorite part of this ornament but I can’t – it is the entire concept- an unmistakable theme that I truly love!

    I have seen those gorgeous snowflake charms somewhere— wait – they are in my ears right now! šŸ™‚ LOVE THEM and thank you again!

    This ornament is truly a keepsake meant to be passed down….


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Patti! I am really enjoying polymer since Artbliss. Ans I always doodle. THings may change drastically but it helps me get in teh right head space in the studio to get to work – if that makes sense! Glad you are wearing! and enjoying your earrings!


  2. Sally Russick says:

    Jenny, Oh my! Oh my! There is just so much that I want to say about the ornament you made, it is perfect. The perfect wintery Christmas piece. From the painted polymer to the pretty little ceramic snowflake charms, beautifully done! You truly captured winter at it’s best.

    Thank you so much for participating in the swap/hop. Have a wonderful Christmas.



  3. D Lynne Bowland says:

    Cute ornaments both the wire tree and yours! Although I don’t agree with the sentiment… let it snow… The snow we get here is wet and haevy and very much like shoveling wet concrete! I would love to win a pair of snowflake earrings. One can never have enough pairs of earrings… !


    • jenny says:

      So far we have only had frost – which looks lovely and magical… but I hope to have some snow, some time this winter! Be careful shoveling that stuf!Earrings, entered! Check!


  4. Christine says:

    Wow, Jenny! I love this~the cardinal and the vial and the snowflakes and the buttons…it all is so beautiful and so Winter. And the tree Sally sent is so pretty! Your ornament from last year keeps me company all year long in my workshop. It is such a nice reminder of the warmth of the human spirit. And that warmth is not just a seasonal thing. It is an everyday thing if we are doing it right.

    I LOVE the earrings I won! They swing and the crystals flash and they are fun to wear šŸ™‚ Thank you for them (so don’t enter me for this one…lol) šŸ™‚


    • jenny says:

      Thank you Christine! For your poetic words, your friendship and support, and for being my very first ornament partner! Hopefully we can meet for a wine or a coffee some day!


  5. Alice says:

    What a delightful ornament. I love that most everything is handmade, right down to that sweet little stamped birdie. I’ts winter and Christmas all wrapped up in one ornament.

    And YES I would love to own those sweet little showflake charms. Thanks for the chance to win!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Alice! I have to admit – I bought the stamp for the branch design. I try to use very generic stamps if I havent carved them myself… and then when I looked at it again – it said cardinal and snow.  You are entered!


  6. Kathleen Lange Klik says:

    What a beautifully unique ornament! Love your thought/sketch process. I also really like your snowflake charms and the polymer clay piece with the tree and bird.

    Love the ornament that Sally made for you-the wire shaped tree is just fantastic!

    Please include me in your snowflake earring drawing.


    • jenny says:

      Consider yourself entered! I have to ask – have you delved in to the polymer since ArtBliss? (Glad I got to meet you in person, BTW) I go in stages. When I set it up, I work making charms and components for days THen pack it away and create with the bits…. cyclical, really. 


  7. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    You are a marvelous soul, Miss Jenny! Thank you for reminding us all to stop and appreciate. It is with a heavy heart that I am traveling on this hop. Let us all continue to put more light and love into the world.

    I agree that polymer is so immediate and you can do so many things with it! I love the way your design process works. Seeing the idea bloom to life is so cool. I love it! And snowflakes are my favorite so I would be honored to wear your art!

    Enjoy the day! Erin


    • jenny says:

      Yes, heavy heart. But we have to love our loved ones, and appreciate all the myriad little treasures life hands us… that are often overlooked. Glad you could hop with us. I didnt want to seem trivial, but we have to lighten the load at times… 


  8. Shirley says:

    Oh, where do I start? I so love the story behind your piece, and the process. That is such a precious keepsake. And your gift ornament! I love the warmth of copper, and the flame changes in it are so very cool.
    That shape is awesome, as is the SueBead! Makes me wish I had some wire skills…
    And yes, I’d love to be entered to win your gorgeous earrings, thank you so much for such a sweet giveaway!


    • jenny says:

      Shirley – your name is in the proverbial hat! I will admit – as much as I sketch to plan pieces, I also sketch to record pieces. I have those pages to reflect on long after the ornament of necklace, or whatever… has flown off to its new home. 


  9. kim says:

    Jenny I love your work. Oh how fun and the vial is just so neat. What a beautiful ornament…you make me want to play with clay today….I was so fortunate to have Sally as my partner last year….I keep my ornament from her up all the time!


    • jenny says:

      I love the seasonal! The frosty silvers, the blues, the hibernation! Christmas is festive and joyous and social… but winter lasts on and I revel in teh solitude and reflection the season brings. So why not decorate for January! Bring it on!


  10. Maryanne says:

    I love your ornament! Even though I’m a committed Christmas fanatic, I love seasonal decorations. I often leave some up all winter! This ornament is really beautiful. I love the stamped polymer component! It’s really beautiful. And, the snowflake charms are lovely. Please enter me in the drawing. I would be honored to have them.


  11. Susan Kennedy says:

    Gorgeous ornament you created, Jenny! I love how you show your process, and am jealous that you actually take time to journal your creations! I might make that a resolution this year! And the ornament you received is gorgeous too. Sally does such beautiful work!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Sue! Some people take pix of work, and I try to do htat… but the journal is a really inspiring record for me. I keep all my old journals, and if I am stuck sit down and flip through them.  Try it – you might like it… šŸ˜‰


  12. lesley Watt says:

    This is just beautiful Jenny – so unique and detailed and I just adore the flash of the red bird on the pale background – GORGEOUS!


  13. Jeanette says:

    Hey Jen,
    Whoever received the first ornament is one lucky lady. It’s lovely, I love everything about it. The RED bird, the snowflakes, the little bottle of crystals…and inscribed on the back too.
    Well, you couldn’t be adopted by a nicer person. A darling ornament Sally created for you. Have a wonderful holiday.


    • jenny says:

      Thank you Jeanette! I love that you get to see the direct results of this past ArtBliss! Polymer deserves a lot more credit than I had allotted it before! Have a wonderful Holiday season! Hope to see you soon!


  14. Jennifer Cameron says:

    Jenny, the ornament you created is amazing! I would have been so thrilled to receive that ornament. I’m sorry your partner didn’t follow through. That’s very sad. But the one you received instead is wonderful. I have an ornament from her and keep it hanging in the window of my studio to catch the light.


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