Happy Krampusnacht!

 Be wary if you are out tonight. Should you see a devilish dapper beast abroad – you would be well aware if you met Krampus on Krampusnacht! Could it be the devilsih appearrance, cloven hooves and horns? The lascivious grin? The bundle of switches or the basket on his back – from which muffled cries of kidnapped naughty children can be heard? What gave it away? 


Krampus travels abroad this night – searching out naughty children. He might switch them, rattle his chains, scare them witless, or stuff them in his basket to take home to torment. But he usually returns them on the morrow – and they are most often never so naughty again! Krampus is the companion of St Nikolas – who’s feast day is celebrated tomorrow. This is the St Nicholas ( aka Sinterklaas) who leaves delectable treats inside your wooden shoes left by the fire; oranges, chocolate, peppermints…

St Nick and K


scary one

But as scary as some images of Krampus are – I find the cheeky Victorian era postcards the best! Naughty takes on a whole new meaning…

While Santa Claus expanded shop and sold products in mid-1800s America, the holiday card craze exploded in Europe.In Austria and other parts of Europe, countless season’s greeting cards featured Krampus, often emblazoned with the phrase “Grüß Vom Krampus” (Greetings from Krampus). While the lurid images are suffused with a modern sense of the comic and the surreal, they still resonant with mythic power and primordial horror. And with Krampus representing the naughty side of the season, the sexy subtext is hard to ignore in these often very cheeky cards. A century later, the brilliance of these magnificent works of pop art is now gaining global recognition. (Krampus.com)

Krampus devil

Saucy Krampus

So however you decide to celebrate Krampusnacht – be you naughty or nice… Enjoy! 

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