Feeling festive! The November AJE component reveal!

 Its hard to believe we are on the cusp of December. I just posted the Art Jewelry Elements December Component of the Month – my turn next, and its hard to think about that reveal being on New Year’s Day!!! But I digress, and get ahead of myself…

For the current month of November, filled with fall leaves, and roasting delicacies… we have this harbinger of the season to come… a bronze clay snowflake from member Lesley Watt in the UK. 

Lesley's snowflakes

I immediately wanted to make it spin, to wear it on a long necklace over a tunic sweater… but the actual size was larger than I expected. I think my design is similar to what I had imagined, but as I started creating a new idea formed… I was working in polymer as time was limited, so earthenware clay was out. No time to make it, dry it, fire it, glaze it… you get the point. I wanted to frame it with an ornate, even Victorian type pattern… 

 sketch and front view

… but when I put the polymer and the flake together, I needed a visual rest to focus the eye on the snowflake. I used leather scraps in a deep teal, wrong side up, and the color picked up accents in the polymer very well. The back is dealt with as well, since both sides of an ornament are on display: 

sketch and back view

Te leather and polymer “snowflake” button also camoflauge the wires where the front bead is attached. 

AJE CoM November

I had been reading and re-reading some seasonal folklore on the plants holly, ivy, and mistletoe for my AJE Holiday Open House posts. It was so much fun to create polymer leaves and bead berries. I even have extra – perhaps a sprig for my lapel? The snowflake theme had me feeling very festive, and I made a few additional polymer snowflakes. I think a give away is in order! 

Winners will be randomly selected – 2 winners – from comments here and  on my Facebook page (Please leave an email in your comment so I am sure to find you if you win!) Let me surprise you with a pair!

snowflake earrings

Happy Holidays! I am starting to think about decorating the house….

But wait! There is more… My team members offerings: 


OH! Dont forget! This is the last day to enter for a free Labyrinth Component of the Month! ANd I have 5 to give away! The post is here: December CoM at AJE. 


15 thoughts on “Feeling festive! The November AJE component reveal!

  1. lesley Watt says:

    That’s so pretty Jenny, I adore it’s earthiness and it really does look like it’s already seen a few festivities…a bit like me really! Really interesting notes on the process too. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge.


    • jenny says:

      So it was ok to do an ornament? As it was coming together, I love the snowflake and I just wanted it to be more visible, for longer. Its my first decortion up!


  2. Jean A. Wells says:

    I love your piece. One of my first designs involved layering as well but I couldn’t make it work out so ended up scraping the idea. Love what you did and I think it will be perfect over a turtleneck. Great job!


  3. Christine says:

    The need to comment was so strong here and that was before I saw the giveaway, I swear!
    You made such a lovely piece here~such a great blend of textures and subtle colors. Just beautiful! the earrings are super sweet and make this stinkin’ upcoming winter seem something to celebrate rather than grumble about (we currently have 3 inches that will not melt!)


  4. Therese says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Gorgeous! I love how you used Lesley’s bronze snowflake. Oh and the teal leather was the right touch to bring it together. I love the back of the pendant too. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


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