8 ball

Just a quick note to announce the winner of the snowflake earrings! Lucky #8 is  Saraccino

(I asked, but asking the 8 Ball is a fun flashback! The image above is linked to a virtual Magic 8 ball, btw!)

snowflake earrings

I will send the snowflakes to you! Just email me with your address!


On a different note – thinking of snowflakes… I saw this over coffee this morning: Snowflakes for Sandy Hook. 

cutting flakes



What a lovely idea, to cut snowflakes and send them to show our love and support to the community. Now where are my scissors? 



4 thoughts on “Snowflakes!

    • jenny says:

      Hi Claire! I have to warn you – with the state of our US postal system, and the long line I was just in BEFORE I got your email… they may not go out til after Xmas. Or if they do, they may not get to you! So New Year’s snowflakes it may be… Happy Holidays!


  1. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    Thank you for that link to the Snowflakes for Sandy Hook campaign. That would be something simple to do to show support and love. Every one of those children was so unique and so loved. This is a beautiful sentiment that our hearts and minds are with them and that they will never be forgotten. Enjoy the day. Erin


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