Share the love…donations and a give away!

I believe in sharing the love, in supporting causes I am committed to, and to helping out where I can. I dont have pockets lined with gold, and often my ‘help’ is a donation of artwork. This past week on Friday I had a chance to donate to two organizations/causes that I support wholeheartedly. 

The first is the DCCA – The Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts. It is an amazing exhibit space, and houses many local artists studios. They are committed to supporting the arts and upcoming artists. I have friends who work, and exhibit there. Every year they have a fundraiser auction: “Small Art/Big Auction. Donated works are small in scale; this year the size requirement was 12” square. Want a peek? I decided with the advice of my friend Sara T. to think outside the box…

DCCA necklace

“Siren’s Song” – starfish in mother of pearl with resin, river rock, carved netsuke, pearls, aquamarine, sterling, kyanite.  I think it will definitely get attention and be a great conversation piece. The auction is October 29th, you can se the details here


Then I headed over to Playtime Doggy Daycare. After a few chats with the staff regarding their fundraising efforts – which included home made baked dog treats… I decided to make a necklace, or two. They are going to hold a raffle for a local dog rescue. I wish I could give money to all the dog rescues, and homes to a hundred adorable strays. But we have our hands full with our two rescued dogs: 


Oscar – (Canaan Dog) aka Cutest dog ever, Noodle, Oscar Moo-Moo (Thats from Playtime!)


Zoey (Belgain Malinois) aka Crazy. (Her one and only true nickmane)

So my donation, you ask? I couldn’t decide – so I made two: 

dog donations

The first is a vintage stamp advocating humane treatment. I do not know the date, but it was a $.05 value. It is collaged in a copper bezel under resin and paired with citrine and carnelian. The second is hand stamped copper, and enamel on copper. Both are 18″ long on copper chain. If you are interested – you can buy tickets to win, and donate to a worthy cause… just contact Playtime Doggy Daycare!

So in the spirit of giving – let me get to the details of the give away! I am doing a new style of necklace, focusing on words. Your inspiration, your word of power, your mantra. And I want your ideas… I will give away 2 necklaces in this style: (copper ball chain, 18″, 1 gemstone dangle, stamped word in copper.)

dog tag words

What do you have to do? Leave a comment here with your name and your word/short phrase. OR leave a comment on my Facebook “The Art of Jennifer Davies-Reazor” business page. I will pull the winners the morning of Friday the 14th. Check back Friday to see if you are the winner! Why Friday, you ask? Because that is my air date on HGTV’s “That’s Clever“!!! I will select 1 random winner, and one winner whose word I really like. Yup. My contest. My rules. (With FaerieCon coming up I am looking for words/phrases that are particularly magical, fantasy…but that is NOT a requirement.) Excelelnt. See you Friday!


23 thoughts on “Share the love…donations and a give away!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hooray Jenny! Been thinking about this since you mentioned it on FB, so here are my contributions:

    Wild Heart
    Wild Child
    Cast Yourself (w/a nod to T. Thorn Coyle)
    Anam Cara

    Can’t wait to see you in the Realm!


      • Rebecca says:

        Oh gosh, no idea what to wear. I’ll probably resort to throwing half the closet in a suitcase and deciding once I’m there. Rarely can I resist adding a new piece anyway, so I may splurge at one of the clothiers – which will of course require a new piece from you to match! 😉


      • jenny says:

        There may be words of yours stamped in metal. Just sayin’Headed to pound metal as soon as the headache goes away… 


  2. Jen Boni-ayres says:

    Like I said in honor of my little Lorelei…

    Water Sprite

    Yes I knew the German Mythology behind her name when I named her. I have had people say “do you know what her name means?” That’s what I love about it and still think that it is beautiful and fits her perfectly!!! I hope you are inspired!!


  3. Rachel D. says:

    Supreme Being


    I am the Way

    Good Morning Starshine




    Perfectly at Peace

    I realize these are off the wall, but I thought of things I would personally wear around my neck 😀


  4. Ang says:

    Ok, it’s late, it’s been a ridiculously busy couple of weeks involving long days & frequent working on work at home at night. So I’m not feeling as creative as I’d like to be. Nevertheless, here are my entries, before time runs out!

    changed for good
    belly laugh
    mercurial (in honor of Steve Jobs & also Ebenezer Scrooge)

    It occured to me that from a selling standpoint, some buyers might purchase a necklace with the name of the Hogwarts house they think they would be in if they were a wizard.


  5. Ang says:

    …as I was going to sleep last night, I knew I missed one:

    defying gravity (or)
    defy gravity

    Also, you posted that “That’s Clever” episode would be on 10/14 but when I go to the page it says 10/17 and I’ve had it on my calendar for Monday. Did I miss something? Either way, not long now!

    Happy Thursday! 🙂


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