You can never have too many earrings. Earring Swap reveal…

Good morning – are you ready for the earring swap? Well, go get a coffee or brew some tea. If you are in the mood for Bead Soup – it is still simmering, here.)

A few weeks ago my friend Diana of Suburban Girl Studio organized an earring swap. I wear jeans and tees to the studio most days, so this is great…You can never have too many earrings!And featurign artist beads/ Even better! I was thrilled my partner was Diana herself! She does lovely raku components. 

Here is what arrived. Happy Day!

Ear swap pkg

There they are! Dramatic, yet gypsy boho as well, which is very me. I can see them dressed up with a little black dress, and adding some spark to a mundane tee and jeans outfit. They are super long for me, and very light; a good thing. I think the crystals are a great partner for Diana’s raku pieces – shell/spirals that I adore. I will confess I had seen similar pieces in her Etsy shop and loved them!

earring reveal!

I love that they dangle below my hair. Great visibility. (Well – did you want my whole face, or the earrings? I figured – earrings!)

my earrings!

And what did I send her? I will give you a hint…

earring mania

I call that earring mania – I was getting ready for Art on the Ave in Alexandria. You will have to tune in to her blog to see what else I added to my ceramic charms to complete her custom pieces! Take a look at the other offerings, and leave comments! We love that! And thanks to Diana! This was fun, pure fun, and I was thrilled to be a part of it!


Jenny Davies-Reazor (thats me…)
Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp


13 thoughts on “You can never have too many earrings. Earring Swap reveal…

  1. jenny says:

    I am just sitting down to start hopping, with a cup of coffee after lunch. It was ironic to get Diana – clay to clay, yet so different! I will wear them with pride!@Staci Louise – clearly I have a date with Etsy ahead of me, dont I? Ha Ha


  2. Holly says:

    Jenny, what lovely earrings you received! That cluster at the top provides some cool movement 🙂 Wasn’t this a fun swap? Can’t wait to see what you sent on – I’m only just able to start hopping!


  3. Heather Powers says:

    The pairs of beads look awesome – love all your colors and textures. I really liked the pair of earrings that you made for Diane and the ones you received look like they will be fun to wear! Good luck at your art show!


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