Good Faeries, good friends

 FaerieCon is a magical place: we have established that. But there is a sense of community, of camaraderie, of celebration and shared euphoria. It is hard to put into words… The day on Friday was a study in contrasts in some ways: “Oh we are all here now, lets chat and catch up, share, and story tell…” vs. “Oh we are all here now, the event has begun, the doors are open and attendees are streaming in!” Friday was a great day; but the Good Faeries Ball Friday night was an excellent chance to do the former. Celebrate, dance, chat, reconnect, establish new friendships… So here are a few captures snippets of Friday night… friends, fun, frolic, fantasy, faeries…


Sarah of Toadstools N Treestump, Dancing Hands, Fairy Goddess Mother, and yours truly. We were proudly displaying our event badges of honor, including Dancing Hands’ VIP badge. Very impish person, indeed!    


GF Ball

Rebecca – staff volunteer, loyal customer, new friend.

JDR and K. Noska

Kathryn Noska, neighbor and friend from RenCon last April. Great to see her, although briefly, and see her amazing new polymer creations! 

Foreign fae

Faeries come in all shapes and sizes. These gorgeous Kimono clad fae shared my love for the Moon hare!

Steam punk fae

Costumes are amazing. Steam punk extraordinaire! Wonderful wings, incredible ink;  it all dazzles the eye…

Until tomorrow. 

wings and ink

2 thoughts on “Good Faeries, good friends

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Jenny
    It is good to see you in your element and having so much fun! You’re just around the corner there in MD for this convention. Your costume is beautiful -everyone looks fabulous!


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Cindy! While on one hand it may seem a bit odd to need a costume (that’s what I thought the first year…) the weekend is so magical and otherworldly that a costume feels so right! (Said after my second year, in costume.) Its another level of creativity being expressed, and creates such a connection with people. Now what will I wear in March to the “Mythic Faire” show? I made a necklace to wear with my Dryad outfit, and sold it instead. He He


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