Celebrating the Magical Life…

Walk up to the doors of the Hunt Valley Marriott, the sounds of the mundane world so normal to your ears – being greeted with a banner “Celebrating the Magical Life”…welcome to FaerieCon. I was thrilled to be vending for my second year, and to see friends, old and new. 

But first- the set up…

Hunt Valley Hallway

The carpet is all you notice at first, I mean, how could you not? Soon, oh so very soon – it will pale compared to the art, and costumes and characters…

FC table

The challenge of creating an artful display, and levels to showcase items to their advantage – all in 6′ of real estate. I have improved upon my space plan since last year…

FC table 2

At this point in the morning, i had only jewelry left to display. I was so tempted to flit off and chat with friends…

FC Urban Crow

Cooky and Margie of Urban Crow/The Shepherdess flew in from San Diego. They were setting up down the hall. 

J & S set up FC

And Sarah of Toadstools and Treestump was my neighbor. So there was definitely chatting…

This post turned out to be a preview, an appetizer as it were, for the main feast. A feast of friends, magic, creativity, music, artwork, and inspiration. So please stay tuned for costumes, characters, and the like…

Cauldron of goddesses


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