Another sprinkling of Faerie(Con) dust…

Day Two began with coffee, chatting about the previous night’s fun and frolic… 

Day 2 FC

JDR and GM Scudder

It was a day filled with business, camaraderie…and Green Men…

Green Man March

Then all the Bad faeries came out after dark… Well, some aren’t bad, just mischievous… and talented, and charming…

JDR and Cooky

JDR and Gypsy/Samantha


( Top: with Cooky from Urban Crow/ The Shepherdess. Middle – with Samantha Stevenson of the Gypsy Nomads. Bottom: with Charles Vess and Dancing Hands.)

Others were a bit more…


Emma and ogre

We made sure we had plenty of wine and beer to share… as libations, and to appease the fae – of course…





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