Spooky days…

It was a beautiful fall day, warmer than one would expect for so late in October. The air was crisp and clean, and still retained a bit of green. We were looking forward to the signs of the season, and hoped it would include the local spices wine. Enter the realm…

Green Man Grotto



Ambers. Oranges. Fiery fall pallette. Gorgeous to the eyes; delicious to the senses.

tanks amber ale

There were spooky elements, to be sure – the veil is thin between the worlds, and spirits walk among us…

Night Mare

Wicker Man


Enjoy the season. Revel in the beauty and bounty of nature…


As twilight fell, and we prepared for finale of a perfect day at the Faire – we looked back onthe perfect day we had -and forward to ….FaerieCon!

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Spooky days…

  1. Marsha Neal Studio says:

    Those pictures are so cool! What Ren Festival did you go to? Was it smaller than the ones in PA and MD that are usually held throughout the fall? I feel quite like I went with you by looking at the pictures – maybe part of that other thin veil from looking through your pictures – through your eyes… hmmm…

    Good luck getting ready for your upcoming show! Seriously – let me know if I can help out with any kiln firings… Look forward to making jewelry soon!


  2. jenny says:

    Marsha – it was the PA Faire – the one near Lancaster. It runs through this weekend, and they do such an amazing job for Halloween. We went opening weekend, and had to go again – it was a whole different experience! And the Faire is 30 this year. Wait til you see the owl pic… thats coming soon. I had too many to put in one post thanks to the Hipstamatic!And thanks for hte offer!


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