All in a day’s work

Tuesday – yes, its Thursday as I post this… but Tuesday was one of those blissful days where I was in the stydio all day. Actually hopping back and forth between my 2 home studio spaces. There were no vet appointments for furry kids, no classes to teach, groceries were already in house…no meetings to attend. It was such a pleasing and productive day, I tell myself to schedule more of them into future weeks!

2 loop pendants           glaze shards

I spent some time making two loop pendants for a commission, and new necklaces ideas percolating in my head. And took glaze breaks in between to glaze new smaller ceramic components. I pressed some tiles – dryads, owls, Celtic dieties… (pix soon.)


And I spent a good bit of time in the upstairs mixed media studio. I am pairing words stamped in copper with my ceramic pendants. Take a look:

 MM pendants

And a few extra stamped words for future mixed media adornments… Now, to patina!

*The rest of a week was a blur of errands, classes, meetings… Here’s to a more productive week next week! *


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