Fern fronds… the June AJE Component of the Month reveal

Has it really been a month? A month of creative students at Clay Camp, commissions, beads, books, and frolicking with the fae in the woods… Pictures to follow in short order. But its time for the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month reveal – that’s for sure! 

This month’s lovely focal is the work of AJE teamate Linda Landig. Linda is new to ceramic clay and was generous enough to share some of her first fired treasures with the team and readers. When I saw this fern – I called “Dibs” as fast as my fingers could fly over the keyboard. From first glance, I intended to hang the fern pendant point up, and extend the copper along the bottom to have room for dimples and dangles. The fern was a bit larger that I expected, so I decided to keep the copper tab setting more form fitting. I flipped the setting as I decided to roll the tabs over the top of the piece – not only holding the stoneware in, but creating a channel for stringing material. The bottom tabs, and hole/dangel complete the secure tab setting. 

Fern tab setting

The back has a curled fern cut out, and is stamped with the words – peace, growth, strength. These are symbolic meanings associated with the fern. My initial suede lace arrangement (seen above) was too thin, too stretchy. I was committed in my mind’s eye to the suede as it was the perfect rust tone to echo the iron stain in the super detailed fern imprint. 

Everything in me wanted to use green. I was trying to avoid that as too predictable. I mean ferns are green, sure. but there isnt a RULE… In the end there is a bit of light green, as well as pod beads, wood grain jasper, copper chain… The necklace is very long, over 30″ – but that was the place it seemed to “fit” best.  I like its eclectic, organic design. 

Fern fronds CoM

(There are jump rings employed at variable spaces to connect the suede to the chain. Keeps it loose, yet under control.)

 fern fronds details.

( I included this one for scale – as my hand will give you a reference.) 

Thanks Linda! This was super fun – any reason to design unique tab settings, and I am there!

Please head over to the Art Jewelry Elements blog to see the team members and readers contibutions! There will be diverse offerings to entertain and inspire ! 

A lovely day at the Faire…

This past Sunday we headed out for a day at the RenFest. It was gorgeous weather and we had a great time strolling, chatting with friends, and shopping a little… 

JBR stiltwalker

JDR posie house

JBR bubbles

JDR kiln gods

JDR Beth of Feywood

JDR Greenman

JDR fountain

Thanks to my talented husband for supplementing my photos – I will post again later this week with more sculpture by the amazing Feywood. It was a great day!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the reveal of the “Create with Cabochons” challenge!






June reveal! With my components for the AJE challenge!

Hello – 

What do you mean June is almost over? I have been in “Clay Camp” – a 2 week pottery intensive class that I teach – and time seems to have flown by without me… 

This month over at Art Jewelry Elements – the Component of the Month was provided by yours truly. There was great team response, and our special guest bloggers who won free charms as well! Please take a look at their offerings!

Here is what we were working with…  

June CoM

As to mine – 

simple. organic. dangles. words. 

My favorite kind of earrings. 

Nature spirit

Mismatched charms stamped from eucalyptus pods. Words stamped with intention into silver. Earthy aqua glaze… 

(With a nod to AJE team mate Diana Ptaszynski for the mismatched inspiration…)

What words would YOU wear dangling from your ears? I would love to hear… 


Focus on Life – 52 photos. Catching up.


This week: Green Taken in the ceramics studio courtyard on a break from loading the big gas kiln. 

Hello everyone, 

Jenny here. I know I have been MIA. This weekend is the first in 2 months that I have been home without a show, or company. Posting on a Saturday would mean having it all done in advance… and you see how well that works for me. So this week I wanted to jump back in, catch up… I have posted many of these on Instagram, but I am not sure if many of the Focus on Life groups is there ( I know some of you are, Hello!)

Yes, the purpose of this year is to live and look mindfullly in the “now” during the week. And I have been for the most part. Its getting better now, summer, as my schedule is settling in: teaching “Clay Camp” and making things for Beadfest. So here is a glimpse. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


Foodie: I am a coffee snob, its so very true… 


Reminisce: Last weekend my 2 college roomates were here for our annual Girl’s Weekend. Alison summed it up best: ” Talk, eat, drink. Repeat.” It was wonderful to see them, and catch up – yet also feel like no time had passed. We have been friends for over 20 years…. 


Looking up

Looking up: This was a hard one. I was having trouble seeing interesting things. Until Oscar decided he wanted a snuggle as I was lying on the sofa… I also used the Percolator app on this one. 



Hope: What better symbol than the blossom about to burst open in all its natural glory? 


Hope to see you around more often! If you are on Instagram – look me up! ( I am jdaviesreazor over there!)

Have a lovely week everyone. 

PS. I still “owe” you typography… still looking. 



Color Hop

What color would you choose? 


Welcome to the “One Crayon Color Challenge”

Color Hop badge

I confess- I love crayons. Especially Crayola, smell them! They have a unique aroma that will instantly transport you… To elementary school, to sharing a box of 64 with sisters…but I digress. This creative color hop, hosted by Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime is all about color. And I agree- what an evocative vehicle for color! 

When I signed up, I selected GREEN. To me this offered myriad possibilities within the monochromatic color scheme. My first, and immediate association is with forest and trees, a canopy of branches, Nature’s cathedral arching over one’s head. I selected one of my original Dryad pendants. ( She has since been redesigned, and is more willowy. And yes, there is a bit of brown…)

I think I saw Sally say that the challenge was open to ANY medium. Hope so- I was recently doing a new series of mixed media collages for a local show. So…Arbor Vitae


Arbor vitae



The collage is multiple layers of papers, both solid colors and decorative patterns. The base is a small stretched canvas, that i have altered. The text is from Encyclopedia Brittanica- my mother’s childhood set actually. There are layers of printed leaves and stenciled patterns in thin acrylic and glazes creating depth and interest. 

AV back

The niche seen from the back- it is constructed of book board and set into the canvas. 

Arbor vitae2

I would love to hear your thoughts. The piece is quite a small detailed treasure, the dryad pendant measures 1.5″ tall. It was a pleasure to me to think outside the box, even though that resulted in my working inside the box! Please stop by my friends’ and colleagues’ blogs as well. I look forward to seeing their colorful creations. I do wonder if anyone else went off into mixed media territory …


Hosted by:

Sally Russick  http://thestudiosublime.com


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A to Z: F is for flowers, foliage, friends

Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.                   Georgia O’Keeffe

Yesterday – we made the time. We had been talking about going to Longwood Gardens and sketching since we met – years ago. So we took the time. friends together, to stop and see, and smell the flowers. 



flower walk

flower walk 2

whisper bench





Spooky days…

It was a beautiful fall day, warmer than one would expect for so late in October. The air was crisp and clean, and still retained a bit of green. We were looking forward to the signs of the season, and hoped it would include the local spices wine. Enter the realm…

Green Man Grotto



Ambers. Oranges. Fiery fall pallette. Gorgeous to the eyes; delicious to the senses.

tanks amber ale

There were spooky elements, to be sure – the veil is thin between the worlds, and spirits walk among us…

Night Mare

Wicker Man


Enjoy the season. Revel in the beauty and bounty of nature…


As twilight fell, and we prepared for finale of a perfect day at the Faire – we looked back onthe perfect day we had -and forward to ….FaerieCon!

Stay tuned…