Focus on Life – 52 photos. Catching up.


This week: Green Taken in the ceramics studio courtyard on a break from loading the big gas kiln. 

Hello everyone, 

Jenny here. I know I have been MIA. This weekend is the first in 2 months that I have been home without a show, or company. Posting on a Saturday would mean having it all done in advance… and you see how well that works for me. So this week I wanted to jump back in, catch up… I have posted many of these on Instagram, but I am not sure if many of the Focus on Life groups is there ( I know some of you are, Hello!)

Yes, the purpose of this year is to live and look mindfullly in the “now” during the week. And I have been for the most part. Its getting better now, summer, as my schedule is settling in: teaching “Clay Camp” and making things for Beadfest. So here is a glimpse. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


Foodie: I am a coffee snob, its so very true… 


Reminisce: Last weekend my 2 college roomates were here for our annual Girl’s Weekend. Alison summed it up best: ” Talk, eat, drink. Repeat.” It was wonderful to see them, and catch up – yet also feel like no time had passed. We have been friends for over 20 years…. 


Looking up

Looking up: This was a hard one. I was having trouble seeing interesting things. Until Oscar decided he wanted a snuggle as I was lying on the sofa… I also used the Percolator app on this one. 



Hope: What better symbol than the blossom about to burst open in all its natural glory? 


Hope to see you around more often! If you are on Instagram – look me up! ( I am jdaviesreazor over there!)

Have a lovely week everyone. 

PS. I still “owe” you typography… still looking. 



21 thoughts on “Focus on Life – 52 photos. Catching up.

    • jenny says:

      Thats a very picturesque phrase Mary. There may be a design in those words waiting to come out… Oscar is a sweetie! I am lucky. 


  1. Marlene C. says:

    Welcome back, and glad things are slowing for you. I haven’t done a show in so long, forget what work it involves. Great catch up photos, and like “Looking Up” the best.


    • jenny says:

      Shows are deceptive! For one day at the event its like 3-4 days of serious prep and recoup… The hot summer ones are the worst. Summer is a different kind of busy. I do like busy… Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Michelle Buettner says:

    Perfect photos – all of them (for each prompt). I especially love the ‘green’ and ‘foodie’ ones,..although the girlfriends one is so special – I had a girl’s weeknd last weekend too and some of them have been my friends for over 30 years. Ya just can’t go wrong w/life long girlfriends!!


    • jenny says:

      I so agree Michelle! We alternate hosting the weekend. They were so easy to have – dogs for entertainment, scones fresh baked and coffee, then wine. What fun we had!


    • jenny says:

      Yes – I am an Instagram user all the way! The pix go to FB and Twitter! So I may not blog every Sat – but I am trying to stay on task!. Glad you like! Thanks!


    • jenny says:

      Ha! Oscar is a ferquent subject as he is a study in contrasts! The Percolator app is fun, but I find it slow to use as there are SO many choices… 


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