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Welcome to the “One Crayon Color Challenge”

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I confess- I love crayons. Especially Crayola, smell them! They have a unique aroma that will instantly transport you… To elementary school, to sharing a box of 64 with sisters…but I digress. This creative color hop, hosted by Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime is all about color. And I agree- what an evocative vehicle for color! 

When I signed up, I selected GREEN. To me this offered myriad possibilities within the monochromatic color scheme. My first, and immediate association is with forest and trees, a canopy of branches, Nature’s cathedral arching over one’s head. I selected one of my original Dryad pendants. ( She has since been redesigned, and is more willowy. And yes, there is a bit of brown…)

I think I saw Sally say that the challenge was open to ANY medium. Hope so- I was recently doing a new series of mixed media collages for a local show. So…Arbor Vitae


Arbor vitae



The collage is multiple layers of papers, both solid colors and decorative patterns. The base is a small stretched canvas, that i have altered. The text is from Encyclopedia Brittanica- my mother’s childhood set actually. There are layers of printed leaves and stenciled patterns in thin acrylic and glazes creating depth and interest. 

AV back

The niche seen from the back- it is constructed of book board and set into the canvas. 

Arbor vitae2

I would love to hear your thoughts. The piece is quite a small detailed treasure, the dryad pendant measures 1.5″ tall. It was a pleasure to me to think outside the box, even though that resulted in my working inside the box! Please stop by my friends’ and colleagues’ blogs as well. I look forward to seeing their colorful creations. I do wonder if anyone else went off into mixed media territory …


Hosted by:

Sally Russick


Therese Frank

Rochelle Brisson

Lisa Lodge

Malin de Koning

Bobbie Rafferty


Linda Landig

Cherrie Fick

Beth McLarnan

Cece Cormier

Renetha Stanziano

Tanya Goodwin

Jean Welles

Amy Severino

Rebekah Payne

Lola Surwillo

Judy Turner


Jennifer Justman

Rose Brisson

Kim Bender

Heather Powers

Shelly Joyce


Cherie Reed

Rebecca Anderson

Hope Smitherman

Patti Vanderbloemen

Michelle Buettner

Alicia Marinache

Charissa Sloper

Sonya Stille

Maria Grimes

Nancy Saccoccio

Sandi Volpe

Joanne Tinley

Catherine Pruitt


Mary Harding

Karin Gilman

Jayne Capps

Lorelei Eurto

Melissa Meman

Alice Peterson

Jenny Davies Reazor

Cynthia Machata

Melissa Essenburg

Regina Santerre

Lauren Streets

Elizabeth Auld


Tracy Mok

Jennifer Judd Velasquez

Marti Conrad

Lori Anderson

Donna Bradley

Courtney Breul

Linda Younkman

Susan Kennedy

Lisa Liddy

Tracy Stillman

Dawn Doucette


Diana Ptaszynski

Shannon Chomanczuk

Janice Everett

Karen Williams


Kashmira Patel

Heidi Post

Birgitta Lejonklou

Holly Westfall

Karin Slaton




12 thoughts on “Color Hop

  1. Sally Russick says:

    Oh Jenny!! This is just so wonderful!! You done good, girl!! There is just something about the green and the paper and the pendant that touch me to my core, I mean that!! I’m drawn right into to this beautiful work of art!!! I know that you are busy this weekend with a festival, so I want to extend a huge THANK YOU!!! Thank you for taking time to take part in the hop!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    • jenny says:

      No Sally, thank you! It was a pleasure, and incentive to combine my pendants and mixed media work- an idea I had been thinking of lately. I look forward to hopping with coffee at a leisurely pace after I unpack Monday!


  2. CraftyHope says:

    What a wonderful mixed media art piece. I like the way you made that canvas into a bit of a shadowbox. There’s so MUCH interest in what you’re calling a small piece. I’m so glad you thought out of the box with this one. It’s a winner for sure!!


  3. Michelle Buettner says:

    hey there girl – I cannot believe I missed your post on this! I thought I’d gotten everyone, but I was having trouble the weekend of the hop leaving comments on some folks’ blogs – I think it’s my stupid blogger thing again!

    I’m totally amazed at your gorgeous artwork – holy cow that’s cool!! I love your shades of green, first of all. Your pendant is so precious and I’m glad you thought outside the ‘box’ because this is truly special – and unique. I love that it’s not actually jewelry (wish I knew another medium myself!) because it makes it all that much more interesting!

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and posting on my blog, too – appreciate that!! 🙂


    • jenny says:

      Thanks everyone for the comments, sorry I couldnt respond individually. I am coming off a frantic hectic period of shows and exhibits and was glad to get my entry posted! Now a week later I am 2/3 through! Better finish in time, as Cindy Wimmer’s buttton hop is this weekend. Wow. But thanks for stopping by – I appreciate every comment! 


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