May – Myth and Nature:transformed

So Cooky and I have gazed in awe at a plethora of fibers, and reveled on May Day at Spoutwood. Time to get a little work done…

Monday May 3rd we installed my solo show at the Newark Arts Alliance. That Friday there was an opening reception. (Sadly C had departed…) Thanks to all who made this possible, and especially to A, B, and C for hanging, arranging, and organizing food and art!

NAA show 

Naa Show 2

The show – seem above in those wider shots of the gallery – included mixed media collages, mixed media assemblages, and ceramic shrines. It was a great pleasure for me to exhibit them in unison. Often at a fair or festival I am limited to one or the other due to restrictions in the jurying process. Here – it was all me – my vision, and it was thrilling to pair collages with corresponding sculptures.

Muse poppets

My "poppets" debuted at the show. At times goddesses, at times icons for the soul – in this application I installed 9 as the Muses. It was very satisfying to see them together, and the shadows they cast were an unexpected thrill. At times echoing the sculpted forn, at times – wings…

(Carved symbols from top L: stars, feather, sun, triple spiral, triquetra, moon, key, flame, leaf.)

And – although this post is a long one… a few shots from the reception:

Naa group shot NAA group shot 2

NAa group shot 3  me

It was a great turn out and a really enjoyable evening. Thanks to everyone!(Thanks to Angela for the pix!)

Next: Cooky and Jenny’s adventures – Metro and Museums…


2 thoughts on “May – Myth and Nature:transformed

  1. Anonymous says:

    So many good memories! Met so many new people, lots of fun experiences, Gypsy Nomads & Albanach. Still living in the Realm here in San Diego at a place known as The Shepherdess. Thank you friend Jenny!



    • jenny says:

      No – it was my pleasure friend Cooky! Adding a new dimension to our state of perpetual friendship as you have now experienced MY world! Loved having you here, and it was very fun reliving things vicariously through the blog.


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