DC – Day with Cooky? District of Columbia? Definitely cool…

Cooky DCWhat is a trip to the East Coast without a stop in the nation’s capital? Cooky had never been to DC – and I was happy to oblige! All the years we lived over the river in Alexandria, DC was a home of sorts. Once a semester I took a mental health day off school to go museum hopping. (I was often planning a field trip, as well.) The Smithsonian, the National Gallery of Art, the Mall… classic tourist destinations; we were determined to fit in as many as possible.

NMAI National Museum of the American Indian – amidst the Neoclassical and marble… a stunning organic building evocative of other landscapes…

Totem pole detail The totem pole on the ground floor – this face was 6 ft? 8 ft? (Carved and painted cedar, Tlingit peoples, 2004)

Raven sculpture 

"Raven steals the sun" Preston Singletary, Tlingit, 2003, glass.

Lunch? The Cascade Cafe at the National Galelry, of course! Only one of my favorite places. This shot – shows the waterfall wall and the skylights. Not mere skylights – they are IM Pei pyramids located in the courtyard above.

Cascade Cafe NGA Pei

Highlights from our day:

Calder lobby NGA

Cooky communes with Calder…

Cooky and Calder  calder shadows

altarpiece triptych detail Agnolo Gaddi (painter) Italian,
Madonna Enthroned with Saints and Angels [right panel], 1380/1390
tempera on panel

Diana detail Paul Manship American,
Diana and a Hound, 1925, bronze

Smithsonian castle Headed back to the Metro – we found a respite from the heat – the gardens at the Arts and Industries Building. This was the original Smithsonian building – late 1800’s. To me it will always be known as the "Castle".

Castle gardens

Until next time, DC… we had a great day. Thanks!

gargoyle faountain   castle roof




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