May – May Day magic & revelry

(I wrote this post once and lost it. My error. Here goes…)

After a day of shopping and sweating at the MD Sheep and wool Festival (Thank heavens WE werent wearing the wool…) Cooky and I decided that our expereince there was complete. Why not expand the road trip East Coast adventure to include Spoutwood Farm’s Faerie Festival? It was close – Glen Rock PA, and I had hinted at the enchantment that would await us there. ( I had never been. Its reputation preceded it – flouncing in with banners and streamers and bells. It has a great reputation!)

spoutwood viewAfter parking and leaving the mundane world behind, we stroll through green paths, over hill, through trees…spoutwood tents We catch a glimpse through the dappled canopy, hear laughter, music… until we cross the stream and enter the Realm.

Welcome to Spoutwood Farm’s Faerie Festival!

 Happy May Day! Kubiando!

fae entry

What an amzing place! CSA farm on the outside; heart of Faerie on the inside! And May Day when the boundaries are thin – let the magic and mayhem begin! How wonderful to chat and discuss folklore, and the “spirit of place” with Ari Berk and Charles Vess?! And to have some books signed as well…

It was great to see artist acquaintances for FaerieCon and RenCon: Goblin Road, Dancing Hands aka Fairy Goddess Mother, and Nicole of Folklore Leathers. And we had a great time chatting and discussing new work with Jeanne of Echo and Wild Jewelry – a MD Ren Fest favorite. (I have a huge collection!)

  Autumn Faerie Sterling Silver Necklace 

( Echo and Wild’s Autumn Fairy pictured here.)

And the music! Wonderful!

Albannach – is an old favorite!

albannach     albannach

And the Gypsy Nomads – a new favorite!

Gypsy nomads  Samantha  Dancing Hands

That last picture – Fairy Goddess Mother Dancing Hands – at the Gypsy Nomads set.

So much fun! Such a creative environment! Art, music, folklore, Oh my!

Next: Art. A solo show and museums galore…



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