Catching up… and a Faerie necklace

December 1st. Whew. November was a whirlwind – FaerieCon, a trip to TX, Thanksgiving… and I have posts to illuminate all of the above. But first, just snuck in last night under the deadline:

My entry for the November Art Bead Scene challenge: My ceramic pendant is my faerie, glazed in matte blue grey, and charcoal, and lavendar. I have strung the beads, (Czech glass, and MofP buttons) on charcoal waxed linen. I wanted to create a jumble, a little chaotic, as if the fey herself had gathered up precious bits, adding them to her necklace as treasures came to her… A fey magpie collecting flotsam and jetsum; a bit like Hoggle in "Labyrinth"?


(Sorry for the bad pix) The inspiration was "The Faery Feller’s Master Stroke" by Richard Dadd. The painting is elaborate, frenetically detailed. Dadd had some history or mental illness…

Fairy Feller

And although my piece is lighter and more ethereal than the original, I couldn’t pass up a Faerie theme, could I?

pendant detail

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