1. to spend the winter in close quarters in a dormant condition, as certain animals. 2. to remain in seclusion.

Well, it certainly seems that way! Here it is, the fourth and final week in January and I am posting the first post of the year. You would think that I had been tucked under a blanket, cozy, lethargic, with a book and a cat…

I apologize – the whirlwind that swept me away in December – finishing gifts, decorating, mailing packages to family, shopping and wrapping…had me in its sway well into January. I am indeed, still finishing my brother’s mixed media collage – his Christmas present. And I read all the posts on blogs that I follow – wishing readers a happy new year, discussing their resolutions, and I await inspiration. Some witty or wise epiphany that I can go on about here. Needless to say it didnt come.

I have a few ideas percolating, ideas to add zip to this ole blog…but they are still percolating. So while I tend to those, I can give you this:

Social networking. I have jumped in with a splash. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter, or become a fan of my work on my Facebook page. And please visit my etsy site! New items are being added… each week?  My computer savvy husband is to thank for the links and the feeds, and the success of the overall venture. Marketing tends to NOT come easily to an artist, but I am giving it a go! Thanks for reading, I will be here more often, now that I have woken up the blog!

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