Greetings from FaerieCon!

Here we are. It has begun. Yesterday was fun, after the frantic ended! The venue is nice; I chatted with Charles deLint…

Today is a full day, with presenters, panels, and more importantly – the Faerie fashion show! Speaking of fashion – I am wearing an outfit by Xylem clothes. The most gorgeous silky soy fabric. And since I have no pockets I felt justified in making a purchase last night. A wee leather puch – rusty coppery red, soft as silk – just the right size for cell phone and lipstick. I await it eagerly! 

Nicole leather

Here’s Nicole of Folklore Leather. I have peruse many leather pouches in my Ren Fest days, and this beats them all. Mehndi inspired designs, exquisite detail… and the bead embellishment on my bag – a rabbit. It was fated for me to have this one!

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