But how can I resist?

Enchanted Adornments

It just arrived. I have been waiting for months. Pre-ordered from Amazon – in April?

And FaerieCon is in 2 days. So I cant curl up with a cuppa and read Cynthia Thornton’s fabulous book. Yet. I did get expedited shipping so I could have it to take to FaerieCon with me… And show it off to anyone interested. I hope I will have Green Girl Studios pendants to sell as well. Andrew should be sending them to me…

No, I am not procrastinating…Why do you ask?

One thought on “But how can I resist?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got my copy yesterday in the mail and have just about finished doing an official first thorough read through… I love the story that goes along with the projects!

    Good luck this weekend at FC! And remember to take lots of pictures…


    Marsha Neal Studio


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