” I must go down to the sea again…”

Last Thursday I went to the beach. Yup, it was a rainy grey windy spring day, and I headed the hour and a half or so to Rehoboth Beach DE. I am absolutely enchanted witht the beach off season. I hoped the rain would pause for me to have a brief walk on the beach…

I got into town, and took care of chores first: I had to drop off new artwork for the Member’s GGallery at the Rehoboth Art League. (Great place. Check it out if you are in the area. Classes, too.)Then to the Avenue, and the ocean.

Yes, it stopped raining. And I walked on the beach. I had the entire expanse to myself. Cold, misty, greys and aquas. Mesmerizing. Air and water. Water and earth. (Beachcombing was disappointing. The sand sweeper machine had just driven through… Still found a few pebble treasures, though.)

Afterwards – stopped in to Bella Luna – a favorite boutique store on Rehoboth Ave. I was sorry to hear their sister store Tempus Fugit had closed, but they have a new one opening – Treehouse. Looking forward to it in the spring!


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