1 a: to fill with persons or animals :  barchaic : to supply fully : c: to fill with inspiration or power : nourish2 a: to fill or build up again  b: to make good


"to fill with inspiration or power"

That’s what the renovations have done for my studio. A new space, the way I want it, plenty of work surfaces, inspiration on walls and shelves everywhere I look. I hope to be so powerful and inspired. January was all holiday hangover, and deconstruction (of the room). February was teaching, and more teaching – some good fun, some an energy drain! So March – although half gone as I write this – is ushering in a new period of excitement in my work, I feel back on track…


A glimpse into where I am half the time… ( when not in the ceramics studio…)studio 1 This is the main table.

studio2The second table – journaling, sketchbooks, watercolors… studio3And the old battered, well-loved jewelry and metals table. Off to the right, I even have my bench pin from my college jewelry studio…How sweet it is!


Oh – and my constant companion…studio Zoey

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