1 a: to make young or youthful again : give new vigor to b: to restore to an original or new state

In January that’s what I did, I completely rejuvenated my studio. I re-worked it, re-arranged it, renovated it. New furniture, new floor plan, new floor – as I removed the carpet. I owe much of the transformation to IKEA, which gave me so much for my money, and some of it is actual wood!

empty bookcase

Here it is – three hours of labor, 2 people, but the joy of organizing and displaying in all those nooks – priceless… I should say – put together on the floor it took up every spare inch of floor space. It is massive.

studio bookcase¬†And a few details…earth air¬†elements of earth and air…

fire waterelements of water, and a little fire…

Next: the work tables. The more the merrier I will be…

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