Re-new1: to make like new : restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection 2: to make new spiritually : regenerate3 a: to restore to existence : revive b: to make extensive changes in : rebuild4: to do again : repeat

5: to begin again : resume



I said in an earlier post that I wanted to detail the adventures of my last 2 months when I did not post at all. So this ‘word-of-the-day" harkens back to my state of mind as the new year began. Of course – who doesnt feel the cyclical desire to start fresh? Clean slate.


I took it literally. After 5 years (?) in our current house – my ‘clean studio needed an overhaul This is my collage,mixed media, jewelry studio. (As opposed to the ‘dirty’ clay studio in the basement…) And if I was moving furniture, lets tear up the ugly, and by now dirty, carpet!



Here are a few progress pictures from early January. No, I didnt take good before pictures. I was too eager to do the demo…

studio renevationThat round table, buried under piles was one of my only 2 surfaces to work on. The far wall of shelves never lived there. Everything was shifted to tear out carpet. And the floor looks good – from a distance!

studio redoYes – those are LARGE white paint splatters on the hard wood. What were they thinking!?

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