Meditation and reflection. Goodbye to 2015

Holiday cheer

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! 

I hope that you have been enjoying the festivities this season. For me – Christmas and Yule were a  mellow, and very pleasant time with family. But that brings me to this week. I love this week between Christmas and New Years. It is a time of meditation and reflection. Of looking back and looking forwards. 


I have been home, communing with my coffee pot and my journals. I have long been in the habit of taking time. 2 different chunks of time, to reflect on my achievements of the past year and to set goals for the upcoming year. (Thank you Art Biz coach Alyson Stanfield! ) 

loose ends

I also love to clear the tables, to finish projects that had been put aside. To start with a tangible and a philosophical clean slate. Yes, that table above is relatively clean. Projects are layered and squirreled away in the muffin tin buried under trays on the right… 

JAN goddess2016

And I am making plans for 2016! I start the year off with a total treat! I’ll be in Mexico taking a class with the phenomenal Richard and Jane Salley! Please feel free to follow along – I’ll be documenting my days there on Instagram. My pix will also be compiled for DE Fun-a-Day – a 31 day daily art challenge to be exhibited in early February 2016. Pictured above is my January goddess – a monthly beading challenge I have undertaken. And then there is that art journal pratice I need to revisit… 

I look forward to the new beginnings! Until 2016… 

pets NYE 15

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