Welcome the light! The December theme challenge at Art Jewelry Elements

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a creative and magical year of successes – creative and personal! 

To start this year off we at the Art Jewelry Elements team have the reveal for the December themed challenge. The theme was the sun, the return of the light as celebrated in cultures the world over on the Winter Solstice. (You can feast your eyes here at Lesley’s original post.) My piece grew with the beading – and will be a wall piece for sure: 

Sun swirls

It started when I was playing around… and found a face that fit in this textured circle. These arent my usual colors, but it was sunny; the swirls as rays… SO I went for it. I liked the darker area in the glaze that inspired the moon/sky section at the bottom. 

initial idea

So far so good – peyote bezel on the face. 

Beaders block

Cooky sent me some bead she was destashing! The colors were perfect! Definitely colors I did not have in my stash… My original plan was to bead spirals out and around – drawing out the spirals in the ceramic donut. This is what I did… but now I’m not so sure. It feels to me like two pieces. I wish I had left the ceramic sun face as is – a brick stitch edge and done. I love the way the spirals turned out, but no longer love them with the ceramic piece. 

details finished

 I also wish I had gone for a little more contrast in the spirals themselves, a little more “pop”; and to unify the spirals with the glaze palette of bright yellow. I really do love the copper triangles that frame the clay piece though – that may be my favorite element. 

As the year ended, I re-started my art journal practice – for the millionth time! I have decided this year to focus on a page a week. AND I am working on loose paper. I love that this gives me time to set aside a wet page and start a foundation collage for a future page. Here is my sun themed offering. The word “solstice” is derived from the Saxon word for wheel… 

art journal page 

Drawn on collaged encyclopedia paper – crayon, marker, alcohol ink, image tranfer, you name it! 

Here’s to a BRIGHT year ahead! 

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7 thoughts on “Welcome the light! The December theme challenge at Art Jewelry Elements

  1. Lesley Watt says:

    Well I think this is just fabulous – I love the way you picked a cab that has the contented look of awaking from a long sleep. Love the journal piece too and hope it’s the first of many in a bright year.


  2. Jennifer Cameron says:

    I really love this piece. As I read your process, I thought you were being too hard on yourself. However, looking at the photos a few more times, I see what you’re saying, but still think you’re being too hard on yourself. Perhaps after your relaxing week away in Mexico you will be able to look at this with fresh eyes and find a way to tie it all together so that you love it. I like the spirals at the top as is, but the black portion is difficult to see, but it could be the photo.


  3. Niky Sayers says:

    Jenny, I know you don’t like what you did with the ceramic sun face but I really love it! For me it makes it look more like one piece plus I love the added texture it makes me want to run my fingers over it! Such a wonderfully creative design! And I really look forward to seeing more of your art journal pages!


  4. Tammy Adams says:

    The beaded piece is so wonderfully intricate, everywhere I look there’s a new detail to focus on and then when I pull back to take it all in, I see even more. It’s gorgeous. The journal page is fabulous as well. Best wishes for a creative 2016.


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