The final AJE Component of the Month reveal… for 2014!



I hope you are all well and feeling fresh-faced, ready to tackle 2015. Personally I have “resolved” to do quite a few things… more on that in another post. 

I’ve spent the limbo week between Christmas travels and now doing some cleaning and organizing. Out with the old, etc. 

One piece of fabulousness from 2014 that needs to be attended to is the December Component of the month over at Art Jewelry Elements. We thought the timing would be best to start fresh with this reveal – showcasing a stoneware snowflake of Diana’s

Ornament WIP

Here is the scene: Mid December day. Fresh cuppa coffee in hand. Dog napping on bed in the studio. I sit down to work on gifts, and my COM… and there are flurries! The first of the year! Barely a dusting, didn’t even cover the grass. But I was feeling festive… 

Above is the work-in-progress shot as I planned my piece. Plexi on the left, a nickel silver banner from Beaducation, and a shrine window pair from Rings & Things. It all happened because I was so enjoying the flurries out my window… 

Sparkle winter ornament

The finished piece: 

  • Stamped and patina/tumbled banner
  • Window framing handmade paper with silver leaf flecks. Tube riveted. 
  • Loops of crystal and waxed linen at top. Seed bead loops with crystal at bottom. 

Sparkle in situ

I was going to hang it on the tree, but it was lost amidst the leaves. It hangs in the branches of my dryad sculpture – on the mantle behind me as I write this. I do think I will keep it out all winter long! I really enjoyed doing somehting not-clay, not-jewelry. It was a creative free-for-all, and very freeing. 

I have big plans for this year – stay tuned here. But for now:

Please check out the pieces created by my AJE teamates and our guests. Let’s ring in the new! 

Monthly Winners
AJE Blog Team


17 thoughts on “The final AJE Component of the Month reveal… for 2014!

  1. Jennifer Cameron says:

    I love the story behind this, so now you have a special ornament to remind you of the first flurries of the season and preparing for the holidays. I love cozy memories like that šŸ™‚ And I adore this ornament. It’s definitely a leave it out all season ornament.


  2. lesley watt says:

    Jenny you have a real gift for putting elements together to create a unique and beautiful entity. I love this and can maybe see you creating a whole seasonal range…?


  3. Diana P. says:

    As always, love what you did. You can do no wrong! It makes me happy seeing it hang from dryad. It’s just such a sweet ornament…I scrolled back up and stared at it some more. šŸ˜€


  4. Mona Arnott says:

    This is a great looking piece. It looks lovely hanging from your sculpture and would also make a great wall hanging on its own. Keep it seasonal? Sure but I think it would also add a spot of refreshment on a hot summer day.


  5. Lindsay S says:

    I love that you did something completely different than everyone else! One of my favorite things to do in AK, when I was a kid, was to lay out in the yard and stare up at the snow falling down. Your window frame reminds me of that šŸ™‚


  6. Carol Briody says:

    This is such a unique piece..far too lovely to be hidden in a tree! I think I would keep it out juall year long too, to remind me to ‘sparkle’ whenever I need a little boost or recharge! What a great idea! Thank you for showing us your final piece and idea.


  7. CraftyHope says:

    What a really fabulous piece. I would definitely keep it out all year. I adore the metal touches you added with the window and banner. They are great and give a certain warm and cozy feeling to the whole piece.


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