Deck the Halls! 2014 Ornament Swap is here!

ornament 2014 badge

This is a favorite swap hop of mine! 

Sally makes it festive, and keeps it small, personal. I was thrilled to get Patti’s name as my partner; we are ARTBliss friends! I sent her a silly survey, to keep our emaill conversation going, and to harvest a few ideas… 

And a silly Survey: 
1. Fav beverage. 
2. Fav color
3. If you won a million dollars you would_____
4. fav Xmas tradition/decoration. 
5. Last good book you read
I took some of her answers ( blue & green, coffee) and made this:  

felt for Patti

Inspired by winter window landscapes, when you sit inside, snug, with a furry kid at your feet, and coffee in your hands, watching the snow sparkle. The trees dusted with glitter, a cardinal bright in the evergreen… I was on a felt jag this year, after finishing a crazy complicated felt/sequined/beaded stocking for my 9 mo. old nephew. His first Christmas – so exciting! Well, there was more felt, and embroidery floss… So there you have it. 

Art beads: 
Porcelain Celtic knot by Caroline of BlueBerri Beads.
Lampwork red bird by Lori Lochner


And what did I receive, you ask? Gorgeousness!

ornament from Patti

It’s too cool for the tree. It needs its own place, and is right now hanging in the dining room window. Heavy, luxurious wire wrapped nest/wreath! Adorable house charm from Marla/Marlas Mud! Lampwork bluebird from Donna Millard. And an embellished hanger/hook… I tell you Patti has outdone herself – this may stay up all year! 

I’m sorry to be so brief today – I have presents to wrap… WAIT! I still have presents to finish making! And there are blogs to hop… please join us! The links of the partner/pairs are listed below. Happy Holidays everyone! 







15 thoughts on “Deck the Halls! 2014 Ornament Swap is here!

  1. Patti Vanderbloemen says:

    Gotta tell you Jenny, I loved the survey as much as the thoughtfulness that you put into my ornament! It made me realize that it has been YEARS since I picked up a book to read (shame on me! MUST work on that pronto)!

    I have your lovely ornament smack dab in the center of my all-time favorite tree! A truly handmade treasure that brings back ArtBliss memories…and will for years to come! THANK YOU!!!

    PS – Merry Christmas to newest member of your family! I have 3 new Great Nephews/Nieces to celebrate with this year – and I cannot wait to see their little faces light up on Christmas!


  2. Lesley Watt says:

    Jenny – you are a master story teller and I love that there is so much personal meaning in your lovely ornament for Pattie. You received a beauty too. Re my birds…I’ve always had them on my tree – just seems kind of natural but the soft furnishings are a new addition after the recent house refresh. Have a fabulous festive season and recharge those creative juice for 2015! x


  3. Veralynne says:

    Beautiful pieces. I love your felt work, I haven’t sewn felt in years…I remember making calendars as a kid on felt with sequins….and what she sent, I can see hanging it in a window to look at year round. Great job, both of you!


  4. Therese says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I love the personal ornament made just for Patti it is so pretty. Yes I can picture Patti sitting in quite reflection thinking about something beautiful to create sipping on a hot cup of coffee with her beautiful fur baby at her feet.
    I love the ornament that you received from Patti it is so her style and I agree it needs to be out all year round hanging pretty in your window.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


  5. Karen Williams says:

    I love the story behind your felted ornament – you capture that scene so perfectly! Your fir boughs and cardinal are so perfect! And what fun that both of the ornaments you exchanged featured birds, red then blue.

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Tanya says:

    Your ornament is so cute! I just love the crafty feel — so much love went into it. The coffee cup is such a great touch. I love Patti’s work and her ornament is no different — so pretty!


  7. Sally Russick says:

    Jenny, my beady friend Merry Christmas!!!! I am stunned by the collection of ornaments in this years hop. You are right, the bar as been raised!!! Including the ornament you gave and the one you received from Patti. Your ornament is beautiful, so soft and cozy. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for participating again this year!!!

    Your pic has been pinned to the Holiday Ornament Hop Pinterest board I created.


  8. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    Miss Jenny, you never cease to amaze me! I love that you gave her a survey and then used that to make your ornament. What an adorable ornament with the red birds and the coffee mug. And I am like you, I like to keep those special ornaments up all year long. Enjoy the day and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Erin


  9. Beth says:

    Wow – love the ornament that Patti sent you! I love all of her wire work she has been doing and I love the accents with the bird and house!

    I love your idea of a survey and then taking the answers and creating Patti’s ornament – ingenious!


  10. CraftyHope says:

    Gorgeousness indeed! That ornament you received can definitely stay out all year round. It’s lovely!
    Oh, and your felt creation is cozy and lovely as well. What a wonderful exchange!


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