Musings… on the Muse?

 I took myself on an Art date yesterday to the Delaware Art Museum. Its a small museum, but has a stellar Pre-Raphaelite collection. I honestly can’t remember how it happened as a teenager. Did I go to the museum and fall in love with the PRB? Or did I fall in love  with the PRB and then visit them at DAM? The latter I think. I think the Lady of Shallot started it all, but that another story. 

self portrait with Muse

Here I am with Rossetti’s “Veronica Veronese” – one I have long adored. This year I am participating in Sally Russick/Studio Sublime’sFocusing on life – 52 photos” challenge. Week one was to do a self portrait… I wish I had long flowing Pre-Raphaelite locks… 

Howard Pyle's Mermaid

Howard Pyle – The Mermaid 1910

DAM collage 1

DAM PRB collage 2

DAM PRB collage 3

"Two women on a sofa" Albert Moore

detail: “Two Women on a sofa” Albert Moore 

sketchbook and stamps

I loved the stamps! And of course, I never go anywhere without my journal. 

DGR's Veronica - hand detail

detail – “Veronica Veronese” 1872. by Dante Gabrielle Rossetti. 

It was a lovely afternoon, calm, serene. For the most part I had the galleries to myself. It was a nice visit with art that has moved me, spoken to me… for over 20 years. Returning to the source of some of my earliest inspirations. And it was a diverse array of inspiration – the galleries have accents of William Morris wallpapers, there are Arts and Crafts style pottery and silver on exhibit, Evelyn de Morgan tiles, and jewelry. The time spent was rejuvenating… if a bit nostalgic, longing for a time I feel called to, yet born too late. 

Perhaps today I will wear velvet…




24 thoughts on “Musings… on the Muse?

    • jenny says:

      Thanks Laura! De Morgen tiles are to die for! Lucky it wasnt crowded as I felt silly taking as many iPhone portraits as I did til I got one I liked.  


  1. Tanya says:

    Wow. What great photos of the art. My favorite is women on the sofa. I love your self portrait as well. The painting is lovely and I love how you are peeking out.


    • jenny says:

      Yes Patti – I was there for hours, and I felt like I was visiting old friends… The redhead models have always been my favorites. Wonder why? 


    • jenny says:

      Glad you didnt miss it – I was planning the museum post regardless and decided to combine. The trip was on my calendar, and I had to do a portrait yesterday to make it in time… it was fate! Thanks for visiting!


  2. Megan says:

    Wow! What an amazing collection. Now I’m going to have to work out some way to visit this museum! One of my few complaints with the Philadelphia Museum is their utter lack of representation of this school.


  3. Donna Bradley says:

    I would absolutely love to see that museum! I have always loved Pre-Raphaelite paintings. What a great shot of you peeking out from the corner in that first shot! It’s always fun to go back and visit things we have fond memories of.


  4. Sally Russick says:

    You sneaked right in there didn’t you! I love the shot, not only because you are in it but because the background painting is one of my favorites. I do have to say that I lose my breath when I see the mermaid! There is just something about it that captures my soul!


  5. Emma Todd says:

    How lovely to see you in such a place of inspiration and joy. How lucky to have the place to yourself too! I have to say that wall colour is amazing, would love to have it in my home. I can’t wait to see where you take us next


  6. CraftyHope says:

    You may not have the long flowing locks, but your lock do match the color of the painting’s almost perfectly. I adore that shade.
    I think you peeking into the photo of the portrait for your self portrait is adorable!


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