New Year. New Table.


Happy New Year. Happy New Years week!

This week is the week I get things ready. Ready to return to work, ready to start the new year, ready, fresh, optimistic… I have a tendency to clean and reorganize which I find cathartic. Cleaning the clutter both inside and out allows for creative growth and inspiration. 

Here is the before:

 before collage

My old and dear IKEA trestle/drafting table. I have had it for…..20 years? But its a board on 2 sawhorses basically. Rickety isnt a strong enough word… I loved that it was so deep and I could have treasures artfully stored within reach. But it wasnt working anymore…

The process: 

cleaning is cathartic?

 The top left pix is the table that is leaving. The other pix show the general chaos, every surface covered…

The results: 

Moved in

 The shallower workbench (thank you Harbor Freight) opens the room up quite a bit. Many thanks to the namelass Grandpa who handed me a 20% off coupon as I was debating the table in the store! The table is rock solid – and was a bear to put together. But my husband was patient… and I love it. Drawers for tools, no carts to slide in and out from underneath. Almost everything in one spot. (Micro torch, enamel tripod etc. are on a smaller tabel across the room, on deck until needed. ) The beloved IKEA table is to the left for collage, journaling, resin etc. 

Many people start the New Year with an introsective post about goals, desires… and a word for the year. I am thinking on these things. I am not in a hurry. A year ago tomorrow I had major surgery and I am thrilled to be NOT there this year. Words I am pondering: journey, health, strength. This New Years Week I always reflect on my 2012 goals and write new 2013 goals as per the sage advice of Alyson Stansfield aka Art Biz Coach. I set up my Year-at-a-glance calendar with shows and deadlines. I clear off the bulletin boards….

This year I am looking forward to Kerry Bogert’sAspire to Wire” class in January; my Coast 2 Coast adventures with Cooky Schock and new mixed media work for shows with my art partner Betsy Mortenson.

The year is dawning brightly!

4 thoughts on “New Year. New Table.

  1. MarshaNealStudio says:

    I think I must make a trip over to see this new work horse in person. I have a folding table that is a temporary set up in my “Jenny says – make this your jewelry creative area and put all that shipping stuff in the other room”. I look forward to your endeavors for 2013 and am very happy that you are almost a year past your surgery and well into the recovery and healing stage 🙂

    Must get coffee soon (maybe I will see if I have any garnets to bring you ;o)


  2. Lisa Joy says:

    Sweet Jenny ~ I can’t thank you enough for sharing your journey with pix! It was just what I needed at the perfect time. Been feeling overwhelmed and STUCK in regards to the” mess” ~ which I call my work space this fall. I am fully inspired to take steps now to move forward with organizing even if it’s just one step at a time.

    Was thinking about goal writing and now plan to do it! Love your work and your space ~ hope to see it in person one day! Looking forward to more “girl’s bead nights”, too!

    Wishing you a very happy and productive new year! So glad that you are in a better place this year and not looking surgery in the eye!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers,

    Lisa Joy


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Lisa! Anytime… bring the puppy and come for a cuppa coffee! I love our Girls Nights and appreicate having found a great group of kindred spirits! Hey – I willingly organize for others, its my inner OCD put to good use… Ask Marsha! Ha. Holler if you want a hand. 


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