Camera vs phone?

wheel view

This was my view yesterday. Now, I dont throw often, so when I get the urge – I go for it and throw many things. Yesterday, it was 2 bowls and 5 mugs. Still not a ton, I know, but I worked on other things too! I have a replacement mug to make for my friend Keith in Sydney, and a more local friend Amy, has begun hinting… oh so subtly.

Here’s another work in progress picture: shrines in progress

Two shrines, textured and distressed a bit, now drying. And yes, those are owl pendants peeking out from the right side! Too sweet, looking forward to glazing those!

So – the question of the day – are these pictures decent enough? Is the image quality acceptable? I was reading a post somewhere – mind like a sieve, cant remember, so I couldnt link to it… The debate was voiced by an artist who had a really nice camera, which stayed home for the beauty shots, and a point and shoot to be out and about, pictures on the go. It got me thinking. I have a digital point and shoot, which takes great pix. I never take it with me. Whenever I am out and about I take pictures with my phone. These studio pix were shot with my  LG phone yesterday. I am willing to sacrifice some picture quality for convenience and practicality. I mean, I am in a ceramics studio, I am usually covered in clay – which I do not want inside and all over my camera. So the phone, which is always with me – is the perfect tool.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

4 thoughts on “Camera vs phone?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m liking those shrines – especially the one w/ arch and 3 squares on bottom — interesting. post a pic of finished product πŸ™‚


    • Anonymous says:

      the shrine comment was submitted by Anne …. just so you know. The Anne that you did the custom shrine and custom “joshua” train for. πŸ™‚


      • jenny says:

        Hi Anne!
        Thanks for tuning in! I have to take care of my blog, get back to the real deal, and not get too distracted by Facebook! ( Although I have a fan page…)

        More pix to follow!


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