Clay Camp

When I taught full time – weekends and summers were my own. Now as a freelance artist and educator my schedule is quite the opposite. I teach a two week intensive Ceramics camp every summer – two sessions in fact. There is wheel throwing, sculpting, hi fire reduction and more for the “teens” ( the 10 and up crowd). For the little ones ( ages 6-9) there is a variety of hand building – both sculptural and functional pieces. Whatever I dream up for any given summer… Currently in week 2 – glazing week,  I though I would show you what we had been up too…

fresh off the wheels

Freshly cut from the wheel…

pots: keepers and recycle

Symetry and asymetry are equally welcomed. Recycle in the back. 

Throwing Porcelain.

Emma is my oldest student this year, and she has graduated to porcelain. She is loving it!

Emma's first porcelain

Plethora of pots

Trimmed, carved, embellished… drying now. 

Plethora of pots continued

All of those pots – 8 students, 4 days. (Class is 1.5 hrs each day.) I am pleased!



Camera vs phone?

wheel view

This was my view yesterday. Now, I dont throw often, so when I get the urge – I go for it and throw many things. Yesterday, it was 2 bowls and 5 mugs. Still not a ton, I know, but I worked on other things too! I have a replacement mug to make for my friend Keith in Sydney, and a more local friend Amy, has begun hinting… oh so subtly.

Here’s another work in progress picture: shrines in progress

Two shrines, textured and distressed a bit, now drying. And yes, those are owl pendants peeking out from the right side! Too sweet, looking forward to glazing those!

So – the question of the day – are these pictures decent enough? Is the image quality acceptable? I was reading a post somewhere – mind like a sieve, cant remember, so I couldnt link to it… The debate was voiced by an artist who had a really nice camera, which stayed home for the beauty shots, and a point and shoot to be out and about, pictures on the go. It got me thinking. I have a digital point and shoot, which takes great pix. I never take it with me. Whenever I am out and about I take pictures with my phone. These studio pix were shot with my  LG phone yesterday. I am willing to sacrifice some picture quality for convenience and practicality. I mean, I am in a ceramics studio, I am usually covered in clay – which I do not want inside and all over my camera. So the phone, which is always with me – is the perfect tool.

What are your thoughts on the matter?