Main Entry: pleth·o·ra
Pronunciation: ?ple-th?-r?
Function: noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin, from Greek pl?th?ra, literally, fullness, from pl?thein to be full — more at full
Date: 1541
I decided this year, well – last month to give myself some goals, or guidelines – around which to blog. I have plenty to say, Ha Ha, and needed a structure or a schedule to help make sure I got "it" said… So I decided on words. THe etymology fascinates me, and I am going to use words and definitions as a jumping off point for posts on Mondays. Yes, its Tuesday; late already…

Yesterday was one of those days. Nothing went wrong, but I ended the day with a feeling of unease, or rather dissatisfaction. I felt like I had nothing to show for my day, no major item ticked off the to-do-list. Yet I had worked non-stop. Looking back, I had accomplished a plethora of small goals:

  • Prep for evening glazing workshop.
  • Check on Sat. students work, re-wrap.
  • Discussed art after school program proposal for grant funds with my program coordinator.
  • Grocery shop for the week, with menu planned out for all weeknights!
  • Get special dog food at vet’s. Make appt. for dog to see vet.
  • Load of laundry.
  • Make a batch of pendants and buttons in white stoneware.
  • List 2 "Love" themed mixed media collages on Etsy.  
  • Teach workshop.

Didnt get the blog written, put off some emails…But it was a productive day in a tortoise not a hare sort of way, know what I mean?

To quote Scarlett O’Hara – "Tomorrow is another day." So with that, I am off to the studio, list in hand!


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