Yesterday I unloaded a bisque firing at the studio and brought home tons of tiles and pendants… all to be glazed. The tiles are new designs, to debut at FaerieCon, and show throughout next year… They are my take on some fantasy favorites: a fairy, a dryad…

Here is part of what I accomplished today:



And aside from finishing those… there is this plethora of ceramic pendant goodness… More pictures as things progress further.


(Yes, that still life on the back of the shelf includes Caribbean canch shell, birds nest, sculpture, Virgen of Guadelupe candle… all essential studio items!)

One thought on “Progress…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok – I am SO going to come to your studio and “help” you unload your glaze kilns next week before you get a chance to pack up everything for the show!

    Or maybe your Etsy shop will have a couple of goodies???

    I am simply delighted to see your work in progress… GO JENNY!!!

    Stay motivated and like always, if you need an extra kiln to fire in, just let me know… mine are only minutes away!



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