…is three weeks away. Now this isnt a surprise, I signed up for this in March? But it hadnt seemed real, you know?

What it is: a weekend long fairy and fantasy convention in Baltimore MD. Created by Brian and Wendy Froud, of "Fairies" and "Labyrinth" fame – the guests of honor this year are Charles Vess and Charles de Lint. Only two of my favorites… A weekend of presentations, discussions, shopping, music… a palce removed form the real world, a fantasy realm.

The idea came up in discussion with Sarah of Toadstools n Treestump. We decided to enter the event as vendors, each having an artist’s table. In the last month it has finally dawned on me that I am doing a large national 3 day convention. Wow. Wish I had that epiphany sooner. I am feeling overwhelmed, and trying to keep up a frantically productive pace.

The event itself will be a blast. I am not sure how many panels or discussions I can attend, but the people watching? Out of this world! I am excited, anxious, enthused… and a little crazy!

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