Austin treasures…

So  – was it 2 weeks ago?  – I went to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Austin. My sisters and I are very close, and with one in TX and the other in Albuquerque; I miss them, and go visit as often as I can.

One of my pilgrimage destinations in Austin was S. Congress St, and my sister, H was happy to ablige! First: Uncommon Objects. We must have poked around in every nook for 2 hours; heavenly. uncommon finds

There are pieces here destined for mixed media jewelry…the enameled Elgin watch face is for H’s birthday…

After that extravaganza – I had to keep it small, to fit in my carry-on… we had delicious Tex-Mex nosh at Guerro’s, then on to Tesoros

Milagro stamps These carved milagro stamps are headed to the ceramics studio; I am always looking for quality symbol stamps to add to my texture vocabulary.

Ganesh band And a boxed set , a band of Ganeshas! I will hate to break them up, but they will shine in small shrines! An auspicious find!

The weekend was so much fun, too short…when do I get to go again?

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