the HGTV saga continues…

Here’s the news: I received a call last night from Meg of Bead my Love. She and I met at a DE by Hand art show, and discussed our HGTV experiences. She called to let me know that I am finally on the list! I have an episode # 557, and am on the website. As of right now, no air date yet. But finally a glimmer of hope!

The back story – I applied and was selected to be featured as a Delaware artist on HGTV’s That’s Clever in April 2007. The crew of 4 arrived at my home studio June 2nd, I think it was. We filmed for two projects over the course of 6 hours, and it was truly a blast. If you watch the show, you see people doing extremely silly things. I confess, after a few hours, you do get a little punchy, and your guard goes down a bit…The director and producer said I was a natural, and that it went smoothly – I suppose years in the classroom helped with the speaking clearly, getting my message across… Then they left. I had been informed to look on the website for news in the spring of 2008.

Now I was thrilled to have this opportunity. I had cleaned the studio, created multiple versions of the same projects for shots while filming, and generally worked long and hard to prepare. It was anticlimactic after a 1/2 day of filming to be done, wiith no reward in the immediate future.

And time went on, and on…. Spring 2009, still no word. No answer to the emails sent to the production complany. No new episodes recording on the Tivo. Is there hope? Will the show return?

 So now – a glimmer of hope. It will be surprising to watch. Not only to see how 6 hours of work is distilled into 12 minutes!? But it seems like a lifetime ago! And I am sure I will be elated, and embarrassed all in a bundle, but I will set the DVR, and keep my fingers crossed.

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