BeadFest Philly …

…or was it Bead Frenzy?

A while back I posted about my friend Marsha’s ceramic decal pendants. Well, I won that give-away! Hurrah! And I went to visit, and talk clay, and get my prize…marsha beads

I came home with extras! The shard with the dripping blue glaze, too cool. And the tree decal piece that I had coveted. The circular piece with square hole was a prototype she gave me to experiment with…

Talking about Beadfest, turns out Marsha had an extra assistant badge. So convenient! Saturday was a whirlwind, too much fun. I had a budget, and almost stuck to it! Here are some highlights:

And the shopping, of course!

GG stuff Beadfest Misc beads

Green garnet and green tourmaline, oh my!


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