Use the Muse II revealed…

Muse necklace

The Use the Muse II winners are revealed! ( I am not one of them.) But this was a great creative challenge that occuppied quite a bit of my imagination during clay camp…The pix above is the front. The "Muse" component – required in the piece is the carved Lillypilly shell circle, originally a donut. I modified it with resin, starfish, and antique paper on the back – even the text in keeping with my Selchie theme:

Muse back detail

There is a vial of shells and dangles of pearl and kyanite below the shell pendant. The neckalce itself contains sea glass and river stone, pearls, a carved ojime bead of a mermaid, amazonite, seed beads…

muse necklace

You can see all the winners, and read about Use the Muse III – here. (Please note: my entry is under R for Reazor – whoops – and I am from Denmark? Oh well, Scarlett does an incredible job, and all for the love of beads!)

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