Ceramic decal decadence!

Each one more enticing than the last!

So – I have been interested in ceramic decals for a while, and they are on the "Things to try" list. My friend Marsha, the Glaze Gifter – has been working with them for a while now, ironing out the kinks, patiently testing and retesting. As you see in the pix above – her body of work is expanding! She has just posted on her blog a description of the process and many more pictures. I especially liked the "Before & After" shots.

Look for her work! At a time when there is a huge upsurge in ceramic bead and pendant makers, Marsha the Creative Spirit, is taking it one step further with vary original pieces. Did I mention the designs are all her drawings? See what I mean?!

She has a swirly tree design that I covet; and I am still holding out for butterfly designs…

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