I won!

 The background:

Harry Potter /Half Blood Prince was just around the corner, eagerly awaited. Lots of hype, anticipation. I wasn’t alone…Saw this on Gaea’s blog – a design contest for a Potter themed piece of jewelry, and the prize – beads! Sure! Where do I sign up?!

Here’s my entry:

braceletIt was all started by the owl, and the color palette. ( Although Slytherin house does have a nice palette as well…) The two smaller red beads are lampwork glass by Lisa, my sister-in-law.

And yesterday the postman brought me a package… thrilling, as I never win things! Here’s my prize!

Gaea beadsHer work is so good, of course I love ceramic beads especially… and the goddess in the flowers, perfect for summer! Wait til you see the celestial pieces, the clouds, the Day of the Dead…And I received a bonus bead cylinder – awesome!

Now – what to do?  Hmm… Thanks, Gaea!


2 thoughts on “I won!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re on it girl!!! Now go play the lottery or something…

    I can’t wait to have a jewelry play date with you and other friends again soon! We’ll have to bust into my huge bead stash in the basement sometime this fall…



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