let me give you a HINT

 …as in HINT jewelry. I found HINT jewelry and Beth Hemmila… I dont recall… a link from a blog I read to hers, I assume. My friends know I am addicted to beads and stones, although I always demure when they press me to sell my jewelry. Its the one art form I keep for myself – I say. There are so many jewelers out there – I say… But when I say HINT’s "Rabbit Run" charm I was smitten, had to have it. That was February. And I savored it, and thought about it… and made this:

Moon Hare

I wanted to work with the Hare in the Moon, the full moon, the dark moon…its a more elaborate necklace than I usually make for myself. And I love it!

So I am happy to say I have been featured on Hint’s blog! It is so exciting to find a like minded soul, an artist whose language of symbols draws on all cultures, on nature, on archetypes… some one who speaks my language! Her work is exquisite! Intimate in scale, of course for jewelry, eloquently simple in style, and oh so evocative! Her blog is a treat, almost a meditation on a thought, symbol, concept embodied therein… Check it out – I could go on for hours…

May this be the begining of a long and inspiring friendship!

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